New evidence of mass graves found at Treblinka

Treblinka on fire during prisoner revolt of August 2, 1943A team of archaeologists from the University of Birmingham have discovered new evidence of huge mass graves on the former site of the Nazi extermination camp Treblinka.

Since the Nazis razed the camp in November of 1943 after a prisoner revolt, leaving little visible evidence of the 800,000+ Jews they’d slaughtered in just over a year of operation, Holocaust deniers have claimed that Treblinka wasn’t a death camp at all, but rather a transit station where prisoners were sorted before being shipped off to other labor camps. (Interestingly, that’s just what the SS told new arrivals before making them undress and sending them to the “showers” for “delousing.”)

This is the first coordinated scientific attempt to locate graves at Treblinka. Led by forensic archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls, the research team used ground-penetrating radar and aerial and satellite imagery to look for burial sites without breaking ground, out of respect for Jewish Halacha law which forbids disturbing burial sites.

Bomb crater exposes buried bones, Treblinka, 1945Sturdy Colls said: “All the history books state that Treblinka was destroyed by the Nazis but the survey has demonstrated that simply isn’t the case.”

She added: “I’ve identified a number of buried pits using geophysical techniques. These are considerable in size, and very deep, one in particular is 26 by 17 metres.”

Treblinka excavator digging mass grave pitsDug by an enormous excavator from the quarry at the nearby Treblinka I forced labour camp, each of these large pits are thought to contain the charred remains of thousands of bodies. Some of the pits were used for burial, others as cremation pits. In March 1943, Heinrich Himmler visited the camp and ordered that all the bodies be cremated. The burial pits were opened and the corpses burned on cremation grates built out of railway tracks. There are pictures extant of the resulting ash heaps.

BBC Radio 4 will air a program following the Colls’ work at Treblinka. The Hidden Graves of the Holocaust first airs on Monday, January 23 at 8:00 PM.

A more personal witness to the horrors of the Holocaust can be found in a remarkable book recently published by the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum: The Sketchbook from Auschwitz. In 1947, Józef Odi, a former prisoner who was working as a watchman on the Auschwitz grounds, found 32 sketches on 22 pages rolled into a bottle and hidden in the foundations of a barracks near the gas chambers and crematoria.

These incredible works of art, beautiful and horrifying in equal measure, are the only drawings made in Birkenau to depict the extermination of Jews. They are signed with the initials MM, so we don’t even know the name of the artist. We know from some of the depictions that they were made in 1943 and that the artist was immensely courageous to make these detailed drawings recording the systematic mass-murder of Jews, including badge numbers of functionary prisoners, license plates of trucks and train cars.

This is the first time all of the MM sketches have been published.

Prisoner steps forward at roll call The crematorium at work The separating of families

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  1. @Chris

    Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor were not ‘concentration camps’ in the classic sense. There was no housing of prisoners other then a few 200-800 camp workers. They were set up under the Nazi program “Operation Reinhard “ as nothing but extermination camps. The mass most efficient way to exterminate and process a human beings

    At Treblinka for example on average each train transport contained from 40-60 box cars with some 100 packed to box car. From the time you were unloaded from the box car until the time the doors on the gas chambers were closed on you. Were twenty minutes

    In that twenty minutes you were told that it was just a transit camp after a quick shower change of clothing you’d be allowed into main camp to spend the night and next day on to a new transport to your destination of choice in the East.

    Of course you can’t see what’s going in in the camp itself. Because EVERY fence is covered in thick pine branches to hide your view.

    Then you’d be driven off the platform with machine gun guards and barking German sheapards. Driven into the undressing buildings, leaving your luggage behind. You were given only 15 minutes to undress. Women would be shaven bald by the barbers and told to hand over last minute valuables.

    Then everyone would be driven again by Guards and Dogs into “The Tube” the fenced walkway to the gas chambers disguised as showing hut.

    You would not know it was gas chamber until you were inside. But by that time the doors were shut and gas turned on.

    Again all of this happened within 10-20 minutes. During which your constantly driven “Hurry Up! Faster! “ and if you were to slow that beat you.

    This was done so you don’t have time to think.

  2. Although it sounds like a good way to kill people as they arrive. There is no documentary evidence that Treblinka was an extermination center. In fact, contemporary records suggest that the camp had a very different function. The most widely-circulated story has been that Jews were gassed at Treblinka with carbon monoxide from the exhaust of a diesel engine.This story is improbable for technical reasons.In spite of the obnoxious odor of diesel exhaust, diesel engines produce much smaller quantities of toxic carbon monoxide than ordinary gasoline motors. It would thus be difficult efficiently to gas large numbers of people using diesel exhaust. A normal gasoline engine would be much more logical. Solid evidence for gassings at Treblinka has proven to be very elusive. For example, it turned out that none of the witnesses in the 1951 West German “Treblinka” court case ever actually saw anyone being gassed. At least some former Treblinka prisoners testified in postwar West German trials that they not only never saw a gas chamber, but did not even hear about gassings from others. All the same, there is no hard or compelling evidence that Treblinka was a mass extermination center where hundreds of thousands of Jews were systematically put to death. To the contrary, credible reports of transfers of Jews from Treblinka eastwards to the occupied Soviet territories, the relative lack of secrecy and security in the camp, and the small size of the area where the bodies were supposedly buried, all suggest instead that this was a transit center. By the way In 1942, systematic mass killing in stationary gas chambers (with carbon monoxide gas generated by diesel engines) began at Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka, all in Poland. Thats the US Holocaust memorial museum site. All of this did not happen within 15 to 20 minutes as you have stated. These are some of the reasons why I cannot believe what the official history books claim about the holocaust. Why was the six million number tossed around since the 1890’s? If many Jews had already been killed in other countries then wouldn’t the six million number be false? Max Nordau, co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodore Herzl, made an astonishing pronouncement at the tenth Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland. He claimed that 6,000,000 Jews would be annihilated. This was twenty-two years before Hitler came to power and three years before World War I started.

  3. this is no answer to the question above i think. his question was, how the drawings got from birkenau to an auschwitz-stammlager barrack. i think he knows the difference between auschwitz 1, 2(birkenau) and 3(buna-monowitz). his question is really appropriate. perhabs the newly found drawings are faked to earn some money with it? im no denier, dont get me wrong, but the holocaust is still a lucrative business. and to make some drawings is no big thing…think about it. and next time you answer a quastion, read it and think about what the other guy could wanted to know…

  4. I’ve heard there wasn’t any crematoria at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec or Chelmno. Why would the Germans build a death camp and not include crematoria?

  5. I have done some research on the Internet and in fact the average person after cremation leaves behind in excess of 2.5kg mostly bone and teeth. Taking into account official estimates that around 800,000 people were cremated at Treblinka this means that around 1,600 tons of ash and bone would remain. In weight this is around the equivalent of burying 533 family sized cars in the pits at Treblinka. I know the pits were not that large but how deep were they? Perhaps someone with more info than me can respond with a rough guesstimate of whether this was possible? I apologize in advance and with the greatest respect to the victims for this cold calculation.

  6. That is the problem. There has never been and investigation of the events. Why, because every time it is looked into the proof it didn’t happen emerge. That is also why it is illegal to deny it and anyone who tries to investigate it is jailed. If it is real remove all the laws that prevent it from being proven one way or the other. The jews make millions from this lie while being the greatest mass murders in history. In just Russia they killed over 50 million whites. What is needed is a true jewish holocaust so the world can know peace.

  7. How does one explain the fact that the number that died at Auschwitz dropped from four million to around one million, yet the public keeps hearing the same old six million died?

    What about the lies about the Jew skin used to make lampshades?

    The lies about Jew ashes used to make soap?

    The lies about Jew shrunken heads?

    And all the lies told by ‘survivors?’

    If the holocaust happened as pushed by those that have benefited from it financially and politically, then there would be no need to make questioning the holocaust against the law.

  8. This so called new evidence is total BS. Tiles marked on the back which you would put face down and are known marks of a known tile factory as evidence of 1.6 million along with a few bones and false teeth is trying to pull evidence out of your ass. Total BS.

  9. Wow, this is by far the most mind-blowing comment section on all of the articles written by Livius Drussus.

    I suspect the same troll….eerr…”PERSON”…who comes on here denying the Holocaust, is disguising himself/herself as multiple people.

  10. Thoughtful writing , For what it’s worth , others are searching for a AL MVT 32-13 , my boss filled out and faxed a template document here “”

  11. LOL. You have a picture of earth movers digging… somewhere… at some time…

    Treblinka would have had no craters from allied artillery because they area was right on the German border and almost immediately overrun when they attacked. It was dismantled LONG before the Soviets got anywhere near there). What IS known is that the Soviets did tear up the empty space with artillery, for some reason.

    Come to think of it, every one of the “Operation Reinhardt” camps that were supposedly death camps were located right where the railway gauges changed going into Russia, and thus where anyone being sent East would need to disembark and retrain.

    And I didn’t even bring up the fact that the people at Treblinka were supposedly killed by, specifically, diesel exhaust, which is almost impossible to reliably kill humans with due to its low carbon monoxide levels (as far as I know, there has only been one death reported from diesel exhaust, even through suicide attempts – and that for a person with a preexisting heart condition), especially in the time frames alleged, although it would have made a lot of people sick and possibly contract cancer down the line.

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