The History Blog’s Tin Anniversary

Ten years ago today, I wrote the first post on The History Blog. It was a more innocent time then, a time when a crappy thumbnail picture was good enough for me, when a post could consist of little more than a link and a blockquote, sometimes two threadbare posts a day, more often with days-long gaps between them, when it hadn’t yet occurred to me that people might actually be interested in reading about the deep background stuff and the leaps and tangents that often sucked up entire weekends of my time. And so, after a grand total of 21 posts including the introduction, I meandered off somewhere and The History Blog fell fallow like so many blogs before and since.

I did have the decency to feel guilty about it, but that only served to keep me away longer because the more time passed, the worse I felt about abandoning the project and the worse I felt, the more I shrank from returning. A year and a half would pass before I finally got my act together and started posting again. This time I told myself I had to post daily, to make a real committment to produce content on a reliable schedule. If I still had readers after so long an absence, then by Odin I was going to give them something to read.

I’ve (almost) held to that committment ever since. There was a little three month radio silence relapse in the Spring of 2009, but other than that, the history nerddom has flowed like wine up in here. Over time I have developed several new obsessions y’all might recognize, most notably an insatiable greed for high resolution images, linking to any relevant source I can find, wandering around to barely related topics, and appreciating the more salacious or disgusting parts of any given story. Also poop. Poop is just the best. Note to self: it’s been way too long since I posted a poop story.

Thank you for bearing with my idiosyncracies all these years. Now onto the next decade!

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157 thoughts on “The History Blog’s Tin Anniversary

  1. Yours is a terrific read. Who knew reading about some funky ditch and a nearby well-thing on the banks of a Mid-East river could be fascinating! Dang — this takes talent – theirs in the doing AND yours in composing the tale-of-all-this in a manner worthy of sharing with many, many others… Good for you!

    If someone wanted to send you material or a suggestion for a blog-story, where should it be sent…or do you even want the POOP…er…ah…information?

    1. Oh, I love getting information, even when it’s not about poop (but especially when it’s about poop ;)). Click on the Contact Me link to send me an email. Some of my favorite posts have been the result of hot tips from readers.

  2. Thank you for your work. Retired engineer here, but learning that I really love history. From your blog, I have learned so much.

    1. History and engineering come together in the most fascinating ways. I wish I could borrow your brain, education and experience when I’m reading about things like the construction of the Cloaca Maxima. Welcome to history nerddom!

  3. I no longer remember how I ended up here~ but it has become one of (only)a handful->my absolute regular stops for learning!
    Ransacked all the archives long ago, and truly appreciate the detail you put into your posts- all of them!
    Many, Many Thanks! You can do no wrong:)
    John O:)

    1. Except for the typos. (I originally wrote “typis” just now, believe it or not!) I’m delighted you made your way here, however you managed it. :boogie:

  4. Your dedication and love for history is truly a blessing to all of us who can’t wait to read and learn about the next amazing discovery with your brilliant detailed writing skills!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’ve discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago by random googling. So I’m happy (if somewhat queasy) to have a backlog of 10 years to read through. Thank you :notworthy:

    1. Some of my best stories have been the result of random Googling. If you want to work up to it, start in the beginning and go forward in time. You’ll get through the first year in a matter of minutes. :giggle:

      Thank you for finding me! :thanks:

  6. Thank you. Nothing more complicated than thank you for the sheer joy and pleasure of your efforts to keep us up on the happenings in history.

  7. Hi Livias. I follow and read your blog avidly with much interest. The standard of your posts are sheer perfection. I am guilty of sharing your posts with twitter and sometimes Linkedin for the simple fact I feel that others are surely interested in your subject posts as I am. They are always top notch. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more of your wonderful stories.

  8. Mazal tov on TEN good years! I hope you will never stop blogging. Thank you for all you have taught us over the years.

    1. Dina! Oh my gosh, it’s been ages! Such a pleasure to see your words on this happy occasion. Your 10th anniversary should be coming up in just a couple of years, right?

  9. Greetings from Portugal!

    Congratulations! Reading your daily post is now one of the best parts of my daily routine! Keep up the excellent work for many many years!

    1. Thank you, PARGP! I had the good fortune to visit Lisbon once and even though I had a terrible cold the whole week, I had a wonderful time. Even the earthquake couldn’t break Lisbon. :boogie:

  10. Congratulations!
    It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog.

    I’m wondering how you find the time to research and write such interesting substantial posts on a daily basis.

    (I would like to mention only one small issue concerning the indication of your image sources:
    the reference only appears when the mouse pointer lays over the image. As this is not possible with every device (e.g. tablets) this is a little bit delicate concerning correct proof of copyrights etc. because some people/institutions consider this form of indication not being enough.)

    I wish you all the best for the next ten (and hopefully more) years!

    1. I basically spend all my free time on it, to tell you the truth. Not every last minute, of course, but a large proportion of it. I would do a great deal of the reading even if I didn’t have a blog, because I’m just that much of a history nerd. πŸ˜‰

      I know the hovertext credit is not a great solution, but I just don’t have room for captions under the thumbnails.Thankfully, most of the sources have been fine with the hovertext, but sometimes they require a caption in which case I use the whole width of the column for the image. It’s inconvenient and aesthetically displeasing to me. When I upgrade the site, I will widen the column and have proper captions, maybe even image credit footnotes, if I can swing the tech.

      Thank you! :thanks:

  11. Thank you – I check in every day and always learn something new. The variety of subjects and quality of your writing are superb. Thanks again!

  12. I’m still amazed that you give all of us so much pleasure for free! I wish you had a Donate button.

    1. That’s another thing I’ll get to when I upgrade the site. The current theme is so old and crotchety I can’t add a donate option without causing problems. It’s good to know you’ll press it when I finally have one, though. :thanks:

  13. Thank-you for the commitment you’ve made to the blog! Reading it has become part of my morning ritual.

  14. Congratulations on this milestone.
    I wouldn’t miss a post for anything. It’s one of the first sites I check every morning.
    Long live History Blog!

  15. I read your posts and learn something interesting every day. Many thanks! Through your blog I also discovered BENSOZIA – another excellent daily read.

  16. Hurrah for “history nerddom”! I love this blog; it’s one of the very few sites I try to visit everyday. (And a welcome relief it is from one of my other favorites, an Illinois political blog – so you can imagine!)

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I’d suggest champagne, but perhaps a Sumerian beer would be more appropriate.

    1. Oh lawds, you have a stronger stomach than I, Gunga Din. And I don’t mean the Sumerian beer either. Politics may get me down these days, but ancient alcohol always hit the spot. πŸ™‚

  17. Thanks for all your work and all the great stories. My day can’t properly begin without a visit here to learn something new about history and archaeology!

  18. Congratulations on your tin-ness! I visit nearly every day, and I enjoy your posts so much I pass out your link like candy to my friends and acquaintances. I hope some of those lazies visit as often as I do. You have such a wonderful humor and such a fine instinct. Here’s to you, hats off and bottom’s up!
    Keeep on keepin’ on

    1. Thank you for shamelessly promoting my blog amongst your acquaintance. Some people are born history nerds; some have history nerddom thrust upon them. Either way works for me. πŸ˜†

  19. In regard to “keeping the posts flowing like wine”, I went online to find a nice tin can full of the stuff to send you–but to no avail. Maybe a nice Sheriff’s badge?

    1. Hell yes! There’s a big auction of Tombstone memorabilia coming, just fyi. I also take old teetotal christmas puddings and fragments of turtle soup cans.

  20. I do read every post, and I love them all, even the ones on topics I didn’t think I could possibly be interested in. Congratulations on your anniversary, and please don’t stop! We love you!
    Also, you need some more emojis — I’m pretty sure my iPhone has a nice little pile of poop.

    1. I find myself fascinated by unexpected subjects all the time. Dig around a little and you find entire worlds.

      One of these days I’ll get around to upgrading the site and then you shall stare into a terrifying emoticon abyss the likes of which you have never known. πŸ‘Ώ

  21. The History Blog is my favorite blog of all (and “all” is an embarrassing number of sites, blogs, etc etc that I love), and right up there with one of my favorite THINGS of all. Thank you. I read it every day unless I have to stay offline completely to actually get some physical livelihood thing accomplished, and then as soon as possible I get right back and catch up. We’ve based travel on things in the blog and were never disappointed, always whatever the opposite is. I have a backlog (backblog??) of places we still want to go, based on The History Blog. This gush could go on and on, but thank you, and congratulations.

    1. Oh my goodness, what a thrilling compliment you just paid me. I couldn’t be happier to know the blog has played a part in your travel itineraries. Yay! Thank you so much! :boogie:

  22. I check it every day and read most of the stories, also love the comments. Yours is always the best news item of the day (especially given the dismal state of the world currently). Many thanks.

    1. You’re very welcome. I find history soothing. Even when the news is bad — and the cultural heritage news has been so very, very bad lately — I still take comfort in the cushioning embrace of studying our past.

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