It’s not over yet, but…

I’m relieved to report that the upgrade to the newest version of WordPress went well. So far the only obvious problems are some broken media embeds, but that’s no biggie. The fix is easy; it just takes a little time. The WP upgrade was the most urgent issue because the blog would have gone down tomorrow due a MySQL upgrade on the server that is incompatible with the ancient version of WP I was running.

The installation of the new theme, on the other hand, has been bedevilling me most of the day. I’ll get it in the end, and its little dog too. Thankfully, there is no pressing emergency. In tests, the old theme looked terrible on the new WordPress version, but for some mysterious reason on the live site it looks pretty much the same as it used to with just a few wrinkles here and there. I’m chalking it up to the many ritual sacrifices you performed to all your benign deities and unpronouncable Lovecraftian horrors. Thank you so much.

We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, rain or shine.

19 thoughts on “It’s not over yet, but…

  1. Yay! I am glad to hear the upgrade of WP went well 😀 I shall continue to sacrifice more of the good stuff one wee dram at a time (after dinner naturally) till all is well.

  2. “And your little dog too”! That’s too funny. But now I have that bad witch’s voice running through my head like an ear worm!!!

  3. The door is open and we are all behind you. Just make sure the senior female in your household gets down to the temple of Vesta for the standard ritual cleaning tools. It’s still Vestalia. Mind your Lares and Pentates.

    We will continue with the others and the Capitoline Triad, and Isis, and Toth, and Epona, and the feathered serpent, and…..

    Well you get the idea.

    Thank you for not giving us up.

  4. It’ll be rain here, but I’m looking forward to the site being back. Keep the the good work…and thank you!!

  5. Hope the work goes smoothly! (About the new theme … please let it be as distinctive as the old one.)

  6. Wisdom from Bavaria in 870 AD: To Hell with “Satanazs”, his “Kisindi” and all “incompatible software extensions” !!1!


    “uuanta ipu sia daz Satanazses kisindi kiuuinnit,
    daz leitit sia sar dar iru leid uuirdit,
    in fuir enti in finstri: daz ist rehto virinlih ding.
    upi sia avar kihalont die darfona himile quemant,
    enti si dero engilo eigan uuirdit,
    die pringent sia sar uf in himilo rihi:
    dar ist lip ano tod, lioht ano finstri,
    selida ano sorgun: dar nist neoman siuh.”

  7. Congrats on getting through the upgrade. The ‘contact me’ page doesn’t have any titles for the fields yet, so I’ll just try to communicate with you here.

    While delving into my ancestry some years ago, I did original research on a totally unknown story of the Old South that goes against a lot of the stereotypes. It is the story of a prominent Unionist husband and his Abolitionist wife living in the Confederacy; a slave preacher with a mixed-race congregation; and a plantation owner who built a school for illiterate ex-slaves. It all ended in death, flames, and the total erasure of their story from history.

    Please feel free to use it … I would like it to get wider exposure, and maybe you need some ready content right now. I’m a big fan and daily reader of your blog, and feel it would fit in with your ethos…

    Fannie Hogan and America Trammell

  8. Huzzah! I’ve always dreaded WordPress upgrades and their attendant complications as well. Congrats on a successful journey!

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