Lewis Chessman sells for $929,000

The long-lost Lewis chessman has sold at a Sotheby’s auction for £735,000 ($929,000). The warder from the famous medieval set believed to have been made Trondheim, Norway, in the 12th or 13th century, set a new world record for a medieval chesspiece sold at auction, which should surprise absolutely nobody given how iconic the Lewis Chessmen have become. No word yet on who the lucky buyer is. All we know is it’s an “anonymous bidder.” I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a museum and they’re just preparing an official announcement.

2 thoughts on “Lewis Chessman sells for $929,000

  1. Years ago I wrote that “the Scandinavian Queen and her tiny attendants were absolutely charming, but most people were surprised by the amount of money fetched at auction – UK £277,250 or AUS $422,000 or USA $443,000! For AUS $422,000 I could buy a perfect Californian bungalow in a country town, surrounded by lawn and trees front and back”.

    I may have been exaggerating a tad, but your long-lost Lewis chessman’s price at auction £735,000 /$929,000 doesn’t surprise me at all. As long as the quality is the same as the earlier pieces.

  2. I read your posts every day. They always uplift and astonish me — and leave me wiser and more curious about the world than before. Thank you for continuing to post such great material!

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