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I’m a tad under the weather so there will be no post today, but I shall make it up to you with an incredibly prolix article that I’ve been working on since Monday. It’s one of those things that was going to be a normal report on a find but then I fell into a crazy research wormhole so now it’s huge and still unfinished. Stay tuned!


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Comment by Rob
2020-02-24 00:06:02

Get well!

Comment by Ron
2020-02-24 01:47:43

Thanks for “a tad under the weather” and “prolix”, of which, being a non-native speaker, I had no idea.


Comment by Trevor
2020-02-24 03:17:12

I thought everyone knew ‘Prolix’, he was a Gaul.

Oki… hat, coat, gone…

Comment by Dex
2020-02-24 03:20:05

Gute Besserung!
Get well soon!

Comment by Bazyartass
2020-02-24 03:26:13

Hope you are feeling much better soon. Much appreciation for your AMAZING articles, I’ve been enjoying them for some time now and really can’t thank you enough for all your time and effort, take great care, Baz

Comment by sbh
2020-02-24 03:52:13

I second this comment.–sbh

Comment by The Jannie
2020-02-24 04:24:14

Take care of yourself – this is a selfish wish because mornings aren’t the same if there’s no History Blog!

Comment by Perry Lane
2020-02-24 06:58:23

I second the comments. Take care of yourself! We enjoy your posts and appreciate the wonderful things you share with us.

Comment by Jim
2020-02-24 07:04:49

May this weather-underness be HISTORY asap.

Comment by m
2020-02-24 08:50:37

Get well soon!

Comment by CD
2020-02-24 09:15:43

Best wishes for a rapid recovery. Love your work and visit your site almost daily.

Comment by kjr
2020-02-24 09:40:00

All of the above!

Comment by Michael
2020-02-24 10:43:39

Take care. You know how much we love this blog – and how much we learn from it!

Comment by Lisa
2020-02-24 13:29:34

I hope you feel better soon. My children and I look forward to your amazing articles each day. My high schoolers have a particular love for history and I think it’s in large part due to how you make it fascinating and real for them. Thank you for your hard work!

Comment by George M.
2020-02-24 14:33:55

Dittos to all of the above. Take care of yourself and if you don’t feel up to writing we will survive. You give so much information and enjoyment to so many people that you are a valuable resource. Salud!

Comment by JoanP
2020-02-24 15:38:09

Take all the rest you need. I will look forward to seeing what you found in that “crazy research wormhole”.

Comment by Bruce Erickson
2020-02-24 19:09:31

Look forward to your next article .. keep on following those squirrels. Get Well Soon!!

Comment by Susi Wilson
2020-02-24 19:36:58

All us fans pray for your recovery!! What joy you bring us! Thank you!

Comment by Melanie
2020-02-26 09:43:08

I join in wishes for your quick recovery. I’ve been a faithful follower of this blog for years and thank you for your well researched and insightful comments.

Comment by Steve MC
2020-02-26 23:09:33

Hope you’re feeling better! And what Melanie said!

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