Swedish Stone Age antler bone dildo?

It could just be a phallic carving tool or some other kind of device, but it certainly looks like a penis. Archaeologists excavating a Mesolithic site in Motala, Sweden, found the suggestively carved antler bone (he he… I said bone) in an area replete with artifacts dating from between 4,000 and 6,000 B.C.

It’s rare that organic material survives over the millennia, but this particular site has ideal conditions for the preservation of bone artifacts: layers of sediment and clay riverbed that keep them safe from the elements. Bone and even wood artifacts have been found at the Motala site.

The dildo-like object is about 4 inches (10.5 cm) long and 0.8 inches (2 cm) in diameter.

It’s not the first time that such a phallic object has been found from the ancient world. Another item strongly resembling a penis was unearthed in Germany in 2005. That one is even older – dating from 28,000 years ago – and made of stone.

Yet the recent discovery was enough to shock the scientists working at the dig, which is led by National Heritage Board archaeologist Fredrik Molin.

“Nobody here, and nobody that we heard of or talked with, had ever seen something like this in northern European or Scandinavian sites,” Gruber said.

Stone Age antler dildo 2

Since the non-penis end of it comes to a curving point, that could well have been the business end, used for carving or chipping flint. The site has revealed many other Stone Age tools with pointy uses, like harpoon and spear tips, so it would make sense that our penile friend would perform a similar function.

20 thoughts on “Swedish Stone Age antler bone dildo?

  1. What do you mean ” the non-penis end ” ??

    It seem clear to me that that end is for use on virgins !!!! :-))

    1. i think your right mr hansen,i have seen
      australian aboringes with something the same and it was used in the old days to break in virgins.theirs are made from very old timber highly polished with the leaves of a sandpaper tree and they are very valuable.mac.darwin northern territory australia.

      1. Yes because hymens are impassible without a long-handled curved, pointed implement. If you really need a tool for “breaking in” virgins, as you so charmingly put it, what’s wrong with the regular blunt dildo end?

      1. None.Last JULY 1. 2010, I SENT a letter to ABS CBN channel 2 and GMA 7 a local tv stations informing them about my found artifacts yet until now, they have NO RESPONSE.

        Mario Salvador

  2. Well you dont really need a sharp pointed end to get through a hymen.But you also have to think of this.It could just be a poorly crafted handle instead of a dildo as you guys think.The reason I say this because in the “old days”, virgins were seen as something in high value.Do to make a tool to break in virgins would go against that value.But yes I could see some trying to sat that its a dildo.But I note it done as just a poor crafted handle.

  3. I doubt if they practiced circumcision at that very early date and believe that an uncircumcised man would simply see a tool for working leather.
    Isn’t it a shame that most of these so called experts did not have to learn a trade before telling us all how it is. Most of them have not been outside of the educational system since they were four years old.

  4. Something no one has suggested yet: this could be used for anal penetration. Anceint people probably noticed the large number of nerve endings in the anus, just as we have, and may have found pleasure in stimulating them. Perhaps some curious hunter wondered what it was like to be penetrated, but decided not to ask his hunting partner, for fear of getting his ass kicked. Yes, I think homophobia is probably ancient too.

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