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Big busts

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Of stolen and looted antiquities, that is. I don’t know what y’all were thinking, but this is a family blog. Sickos.

In Italy, police found a dozen ancient artifacts destined for the antiquities market, including an extremely rare marble head of Emperor Lucius Verus. He was chisel-shy, so there are only four other known portraits of Marcus Aurelius’ co-emperor.

In Spain, police have seized tens of thousands of precious antiquities, including Roman swords, 12,000 coins, and 10,000 paleological artifacts. Twenty low-down dirty bastards have been arrested for systematically looting archaeological sites and then selling their finds on the internet.

The scale of this operation boggles the mind, doesn’t it? And it’s not even terribly professional. I mean, these were eBay jockeys, after all, not people with a high-end network on the antiquities market.






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