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Roman horse skeletons, chariot found in Greece

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Archaeologists working in north-eastern Greece have uncovered 16 horse skeletons and a two-wheeled chariot buried in a grave dating to the Roman Empire.

Near to the remains of six of the horses archaeologists found a shield, weapons and various other accessories.

Ten of the horse skeletons were complete, and in addition to the horses, diggers found a grave and four tombs covered with a ceramic lid, which contained four bronze coins dating back to the fourth century AD.

The chariot, dating from the first or second century AD, was “undoubtedly designed to be used in war or hunting”, the ministry said.

The chariot was decorated with a frieze relief in bronze, depicting three of Hercules’ labours: namely, the Cerberus dog, the wild boar of Erymanthian, and the Stymphalian birds.

No pictures yet, dammit, but it’s too cool a find not to post about it.






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