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Caesar 2 years before the assassination

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Divers in France have found a marble bust of Julius Caesar tentatively dated 46 B.C. in the Rhône river. If the date pains out, that would make this the oldest surviving portrait of Caesar.

It’s no idealized representation, either. His age shows, and it only ads to his hotness.


There were some other marvels nestled in the murky depths of the Rhône.

Among other items in the treasure trove of ancient objects is a 5.9 foot marble statue of Neptune, dated to the first decade of the third century after Christ.

Two smaller statues, both in bronze and measuring 27.5 inches each also were found, one of them, a satyr with his hands tied behind his back, “doubtless” originated in Hellenic Greece, the ministry said.

“Some (of the discoveries) are unique in Europe,” Culture Minister Christine Albanel said. The bust of Caesar is in a class by itself.

They’re not done diving, so there may be more treasures to be found.






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