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Harrison Ford elected to AIA board

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

AIA = Archaeological Institute of America. Why was Mr. Ford, aka Indiana Jones, an “archaeologist” indistinguishable from the looters the AIA decries, elected to this position?

“Harrison Ford has played a significant role in stimulating the public’s interest in archaeological exploration,” said Brian Rose, President of the AIA. “We are all delighted that he has agreed to join the AIA’s Governing Board.” […]

Harrison Ford is already helping to raise public awareness of the AIA and its mission as the news of his election to the Board has spread. Many media outlets have covered the story.

And there you have it. They might as well benefit from the publicity of the revived Indiana Jones series even though Dr. Jones is about as far from a role model for archaeologists as you could conceive.

Oh well… I’m sure Harrison Ford will do just fine in his role as board member, whatever that might entail. Clearly he’s already done the job the AIA hoped he’d do by bringing attention to the organization.






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