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Galilean buffaloes

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Workers building a sewage line in Galilee have discovered a huge stalactite cave full of pre-historic tools and animal bones.

According to Dr. Ofer Marder, head of the Prehistory Branch of the Israel Antiquities Authority who examined the cave, “It seems that during the past 40-50 years no cave has been found with such a wealth of prehistoric finds and certainly not inside such a lovely stalactite cave. The cave includes a number of chambers, of which the main chamber measures c. 60 x 80 meters. Inside it is a soil accumulation that contains numerous flint tools that were knapped by man and a variety of zoological remains of animals that are no longer present in our country‚Äôs landscape such as the red deer, fallow deer, buffalo and even the remains of bears”.

Preliminary investigations date the cave occupation to 40,000-20,000 years ago, but it might have been occupied even earlier than that.

I wonder what kind of buffaloes they were. Were they water buffaloes or woolly ones or some gigantic aurochs type beastie? Either way, cute!






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