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Your brush with archaeological fame

Friday, August 29th, 2008

One of our regular commenters here, Dina, has a blog of her own: Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo.

It’s always a beautiful glimpse into the daily life of a city crammed to the gills with history, but now Dina is on an archaeological dig, so the daily photos take on a whole new historical resonance.

From one of my favorite entries so far:

Hope this won’t make anyone freak out, but my F words for today are femur, fibula, frontal bones, and funerary practices. Of Canaanites who were buried here on the outskirts of Jerusalem some 4,000 years ago.

Last week, to the excitement of all, we uncovered a skeleton in the burial cave I and three others were digging in. Here you can see the skull, arm bones, and ribs.

How exciting is that? I’ve linked to dig blogs before, but I didn’t know those folks so this is even cooler. Vai Dina vai! Sei tutti noi! :notworthy:






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