They found a huge Roman villa complex in Cheddar…

…. and that’s not even the coolest part!

Two n00b archaeologists have uncovered a large villa and bath house in the Mendip Hills area in Somerset, England. The odds of them finding mosaics and a wide range of other artifacts from the 2nd or 3rd century AD are excellent — “We only excavated a two by one meter area inside the building and every layer contained Roman materials. If we’d carried on we would have found a tremendous amount.” — and they’re even managing to keep looters out for now.

So what’s the coolest part, you ask? It’s this:

Archaeologists Glyn Wellington and Carol Hughes have been working at the location for over a year, together with John Mathews of Winscombe.

Glyn, aged 53, graduated from a part-time degree course last year.

That’s right. Part-time degree course + 53 = giant Roman villa.

Glyn Wellington: a beacon of hope to wannabe archaeologists everywhere.

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