The world’s weirdest museums

MSNBC has a low weird threshold, it seems to me, but it’s still a cool list of museums you might not have heard of.

I’ve been to the Amsterdam Sex Museum and it wasn’t all that. The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose sounds like fun, though. So does the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in New Delhi.


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Comment by Ensign Steve
2008-03-27 22:34:42

I’ve been to the Winchester mansion. It’s absolutely eerie. You can actually feel her insanity as you walk through the place.

Comment by livius drusus
2008-03-27 23:36:31

That sounds awesome. I like insane buildings.

Comment by Erin
2008-03-29 06:39:29

I highly recommend the Winchester Mansion – it is the wackiest building I’ve ever been in. There are different tours to chose from. I went on the main tour and I hope to go back some day to see the rest. Well worth the ticket price when you realize all the maintenance that has to go on to keep the house open!

Comment by livius drusus
2008-03-29 20:40:53

Different tours for different sections of the building, or are they grouped by theme rather than geography?

Thank you for the testimonial, Erin. 🙂

Comment by Erin
2008-03-30 06:10:52

Different sections of the estate.

Comment by livius drusus
2008-03-30 09:07:16

Very, very cool. The Behind the Scenes tour looks great.

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Comment by Pete
2008-03-29 18:01:17

The Musiem of toilets sound like fun!

Comment by livius drusus
2008-03-29 20:41:31

It does, doesn’t it? And it looks like it’s a more than manageable size.

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