Skeleton in the basement = real estate gold

Homebuyers in York have a unique opportunity to buy a lovely Georgian home with a Roman burial chamber for a basement, complete with visible skeleton.

The skeleton is visible and has been entombed in an archway which forms part of the chamber, currently used as a store room, and is described by the current owner as his “Roman princess”.

Estate agents have dismissed any ghoulish overtones and Ben Pridden, manager of Savills York, said: “It’s in its own room really, so you’re not aware it’s there at all and imagine the fun to be had at a Hallowe’en party – taking your guests down to the basement to see a real skeleton.

“I don’t think it will deter buyers.”

Oh please. No need to be coy. We all know this is real estate gold, Jerry, GOLD! The minimum offer price is $1.2 million dollars. The skeleton is at least $575,999 of that value.

Also, would it kill you to hand out a picture along with the press release? :facepalm:

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