Ancient quarry found in Malta

An ancient stone quarry has been discovered during work by the Water Services Corporation between the town of Żejtun and Marsaxlokk Bay in southeastern Malta.

Because the site is close to the megalithic multi-period temple complex of Tas-Silġ, an archaeologist from the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage was present to monitor the trenching work. He recognized the large rectangular cut blocks were archaeological remains and notified the Superintendence. The trenching works were stopped while archaeologists excavated the find.

Still bearing visible toolmarks, the stone was in the process of being cut into ashlar blocks when the quarrying work ceased. The sides of the rectangular stones were cut, but the bottoms were still connected to the bedrock. Unfortunately no associated objects or remains were discovered to help date the quarry. Based on the ashlars that had not been fully cut out of the bedrock and the type of quarry that it is, archaeologists believe it was active in the classical era (5th c. B.C. – 5th c. A.D.).

One thought on “Ancient quarry found in Malta

  1. This beautiful yellowish stone has been used on the island for the last 5000+ years. Of course, I would not be able to prove that those blocks were *not* cut in the “classical era”.

    However, in addition to the temple complex of Tas-Silġ, the British were cutting similar blocks for the Fort Tas-Silġ in the late 19th century. Of course, e.g. the fortifications around Valetta or Rabat are more spectacular.

    Since 1991, the fort has been thankfully rented to the Island Sanctuary as a refuge for dogs 🐶️

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