New pictures of the ancient Greek DIY building

Discovery News has some neat pictures of the remains of a Greek building found with assembly instructions in Basilicata, Italy.

Remains of Greek DIY building, coded roof tiles littering the ground
Slab engraved with assembly instructions
Digital reconstruction of finished roof

The only new information I could glean from the slideshow (other than the pictures themselves, of course) was that the inscriptions found on the roof tiles note that the structure was built by Greek artisans from the Spartan colony of Taranto in Apuglia, the region that forms the heel of the Italian boot.

There’s a wee drappie more information on the overall design of the building.

This building was no small piece of furniture. The elaborate structure was built with large walls topped by a sloping roof and was covered in red and black decorations. The building also boasted an impressive colonnade at the entryway.