Stone Age figurines uncovered in Russia

The engraved mammoth bones and Venus-style figures are not the first Stone Age artifacts found in the area, but they are the first ones found on the Zaraysk site.

The new artefacts, discovered by Hizri Amirkhanov and Sergey Lev of the Russian Academy of Sciences, include a mammoth rib inscribed with what appear to be three mammoths, a small bone engraved with a cross-hatch pattern, and two human figurines presumed to be female. […]

At Zaraysk, the two figurines were found carefully buried in storage pits. Underneath each was a round deposit of fine sand toward the south; toward the north, there was a deposit of red ochre – an iron-based pigment.

Each of the figurines had been covered with the shoulder-blade of a mammoth.

The variety of media and subjects are remarkable, but there is one particular item that is entirely unique. It’s shaped like a cone with its top removed, and pierced through with a hole. It is also richly engraved.

Researchers currently have no idea what it was used for.

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  1. Great Stone Age Figurines, resembles how many years had passed through its deformation, but still, it’s one of the greatest pride of some people for it leave until now.

    It’s really amazing. Thank for the share! 🙂

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