Anno nuovo, vita nuova

Happy New Year, all! :boogie:

Thank you for reading, and for staying with me through my shameful breaks. :blush: All in all, I have to say I’m pretty psyched I managed to write fairly reliably over the last year, especially considering my supershameful false start way back in ’06.

My resolution this year is to move from fairly reliable to straight-up reliable. I’m also thinking of doing a little more actual reportage, like contacting sources if at all possible.

I’ve gotten a couple of stories wrong by just passing along information from the article, and only found out that there were inaccuracies when one of the principles happened across this blog and commented, most notably in the awesome rostrum story.

I don’t want to overreach, though. My attempts to contact sources thus far have failed more than they’ve succeeded. If I manage to post daily with maybe a planned week off here and there, I’ll be a happy camper.

How about y’all? Would you like to see anything particular from this blog in the new year? More/fewer stories on a particular subject area, structural changes, style changes, anything at all?

4 thoughts on “Anno nuovo, vita nuova

  1. Happy New Year! Glad to see you are still posting… this is still one of my favorite blogs.

    Since you asked, my comments re improvements: when you know you are going to be offline for a while, it would be nice to drop a quick post saying so; prevents the disappointment when I keep coming back and seeing the same old post… Also, it would be nice to not back-date posts when you fill in after an absence, since I never knew if I had found everything when you did so (e.g. back in the summer). Just put them in as new posts… nothing wrong with multiple posts in a day! 🙂

    Finally, a personal preference: I like the stories about archeological and historical discoveries & trivia much more than the ones about the misdeeds of antiquities dealers… though of course I understand that is something of a cause for you!

    Again, great blog, looking forward to lots of neat stuff in the new year!

    –John N.

    1. Great comment, John, thank you. :hattip:

      I will definitely alert in the future when I plan to take a break. Usually they sneak up on me — I don’t find any stories that strike my fancy for a while, or I get busy irl — but my New Year’s resolution is to at least throw up a post letting y’all know the pickings are slim.

      On the misdeeds of the antiquities industry, as you note, I’m a bit of a Savonarola on the subject, so that’s not likely to dimish. If I improve the regularity of posting, though, the ratio of discovery/fun stuff to shadiness will probably increase in your favor.

      I like backdating ’cause my anality appreciates filling in blanks as well as matching stories to their publishing date, but again, if I keep the joint hopping as I intend to do, there’ll be no blanks to fill in.

      Thank you kindly for your faithful readership. :thanks:

  2. :notworthy: Hiya Livius! Happy New Year and such things!

    I think I’ve commented once or twice throughout the past year, but never regularly (or very intelligently.) Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your site and sing its praises whenever the topic of blogs arises during a conversation. I started reading in Jan ’08 and check back weekly (at least.) It is the only blog I regularly read, not being very interested in where Mrs. Shmoe bought her coffee that morning or what evil corporate entity is currently abusing my mind through subconcious advertising on pick-your-medium. (Well, maybe a teeny interested in the subconscious advertising. 😆 )

    So keep it up. As is. I have no complaints, only anonymous Flattery. :love: :boogie: :love:

    1. Yay! Anonymous flattery is my favorite ’cause I don’t have to send a thank you note. :giggle:

      I hear you about the blog thing. I follow some political ones, but it’s dense material and sometimes can be fairly painful.

      I try as much as possible to keep it interesting, digestible and pretty. Don’t forget pretty. Pretty is important. :yes:

      I’m thrilled, seriously. Thank you kindly for reading and digging it. :thanks:

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