Guns taken from Bonnie & Clyde’s bodies for sale

Clyde Barrow's 1911 Colt .45Two Colt handguns that Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were carrying when they were ambushed and killed in a hail of bullets on May 23, 1934 are coming up for auction in September. RR Auction in Amherst, New Hampshire has already opened Clyde’s Colt .45 1911 Government Model semi-automatic pistol and Bonnie’s Colt Detective Special .38 revolver to online bidders; the auction closes on Sunday September 30, 2012.

Bonnie Parker's 1933 Colt Detective Special .38Unlike the Winchester shotgun and the Thompson sub-machine gun confiscated from the Barrow gang’s Joplin hideout that were sold at auction earlier this year, these handguns are directly connected to Bonnie and Clyde, and not just directly connected but intimately so. Former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, the leader of the six-man posse that hunted down and ambushed the infamous outlaws, retrieved Clyde’s Colt .45 from the waistband of his pants after he was felled in rural Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

With the Colt is a notarized letter from former Special Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, Jr., dated December 18, 1973 in which he states that this pistol, #164070, was removed from the “waistband of Clyde Barrow’s trousers the morning that he and Bonnie Parker were killed by my father in Louisiana.” He goes on to say ‚ÄúThis pistol is also described and pictured in my father’s book I’m Frank Hamer. He also states that “this pistol was believed to have been stolen from the federal arsenal in Beaumont, Texas,” and that the federal government gave this Colt to his father. Although Clyde Barrow had many guns during his notorious career, there cannot be any with a closer association to him than this one carried at his death.

Bonnie’s Colt .38 is downright salacious. She kept it taped to her inner thigh which is where Hamer found it after she was killed.

A notarized letter from former Special Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, Jr., dated December 10, 1979, identifies this gun and states, “On the morning of May 23, 1934, when my father and the officers with him in Louisiana killed Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. My father removed this gun from the inside thigh of Bonnie Parker where she had it taped with white, medical, adhesive tape. My father said that one reason she had the gun taped to the inside of her leg was that, in those days, no gentlemen officer would search a woman where she had it taped…Sometime later, my father gave this gun to Buster Davis who had been a Texas Ranger and was, at the time, an FBI Agent.” Included with this gun and mentioned in this letter is a framed handwritten note from Frank Hamer, written on the back of an old Texas Ranger Expense Account form, reads “Aug/1934 Davis hold onto this. Bonnie was ‘squatting’ on it. Frank.”

Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, early 1920sHamer got to keep both weapons as part of his compensation for hunting down Bonnie and Clyde. He had quit the Texas Rangers after 27 years on the force two years earlier and in 1934 was working private security for oil companies, mainly breaking strikes. Texas Department of Corrections Chief Lee Simmons commissioned Hamer to find the Barrow Gang, but he could only offer $180 a month. Hamer was making more than double that doing easier work for the oil companies. To sweeten the pot, Simmons allowed Hamer to keep all the guns recovered from the gang and whatever of their possessions he wanted, in addition to his sixth of the reward money (which turned out to be a meager $200.23).

The weapons are being sold by the estate of Robert E. Davis, a Texas collector who bought them from the Hamer family. The pre-sale estimate for each gun is between $100,000 and $200,000, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll go that cheap. The Winchester shotgun sold for $80,000, the Tommy Gun for $130,000. These pistols are in a whole other category of macabre collectability.

Footage of Bonnie and Clyde’s bullet-riddled car and bodies taken by posse member and Dallas County Deputy Sheriff Ted Hinton five minutes after the ambush.

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  1. I have a small 22 revolver that belonged to my Aunt who lived at Vidor, Texas 10 miles east of Beaumont. She told me before she died that she used to carry it in a garter when she went to the Beauty Shop in Beaumont. She said that Clyde would drop Bonnie off there and pick her up later after she had her hair and manicure done.If anyone is interested in buying it, I would like to sell it.

  2. Bonnie and Clyde was cold bloodied killers. I can see why frank named wasnt taking any chances with the two killers. I would have done the same thing.

  3. Any one interested in buying the 22 revolver, please contact me at Since I live in Calif, any sale would have to go thru a local Gun Shop.

  4. OF COURSE that Frank Hamer guy was a strike-breaker for a big oil company! What else would would a pig from Texas be?

  5. You can thank the TDCJ for making him that way!!!! And I’m a former ADA turned med-mal attorney in Texas, who was born & raised here, went to undergrad and law school here as well, and I’m conservative.

    We need to get rid of the punitive aspect of the criminal justice system, and Clyde Barrow is a TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE of a petty thief turned violent offender by the TX prison system.

  6. Highwayman-Kevin costner – Woody Harrelson did great job. can do jfk who done it movie? Here Info:Bonnie mother :Emma Kraus Parker address:1)1214SLamar St.2)1406 Cockrell(corner bellview)3.1601(606) Douglas(Durant).4,)Emma Parker1924yr- garment worker -(Mrs Mary Kraus) Eagleford rd.5.)1925yr Emma Parker Garment worker (mrs Mary Kraus Eagleford Rd….Bonnie Parker Thornton 1)1932yr-2430 Douglas 2.)1931yr-606 Douglas 3.)1927yr-2908 EagleFord Rd.Grandparents Frank/Mary Kraus ..4.)1929yr-1909Crockett.5)1930yr-513 Hickory…So you can see Bonnie lived with Grandparents home 2908 Eagle Ford Rd /Bernal Rd -corner.1920 to 1927 .So if they had a vehicle they probarbly used Barrow Star gas station 1620 Eagle Ford Rd (singleton blvd) West Dallas Texas. Clyde Barrow – Did Clyde barrow come this way – back door – Hwy80 thru Arcada Park-Old Copper Road-Thru Trinity River Bottoms -then they would drive up to Star Gas Station Eagle Ford Road..Barrow gang -Raymond/Floyd Hamilton Floyd Hamilton (raymond bro)3018 Crossman /Eagle Ford Road–Lily Hamilton McBride 507-511 county ave West Dallas (near Eagle ford Rd)..Buster Brown (511 CountyAve)married Lucy,sister of Raymond Hamilton,..W,D,Jones 2401 Henry and Rushpike-Commerce.W.D.Jones family Mom Tookie brothers:Clyde,Herbert,Roy Lee -Jones. Ralph Fults Of Barrow gang -6603 Ethel -8517 Lapanta-7214 Toland.Ralph Fults wrote book Bonnie-Clyde in which Fults wrote:Ralph Fults said Why Did Clyde Barrow chose that night tot visit Lillian McBride CountyAve – because Raymond Hamilton was in jail. Barrow & Fults return to Texas they often visited West Dallas Using what they called the back door variously U.S.80 thru Arcadia Park or the Old Copper Road (Singletonblvd Irving tx) through Trinity River Bottoms across Bridge ten would drive up to Star Gas Station touch base with Barrow Family and Henry listen Radio and Cumie be cook & clean up back of residence behind service station.During one of these visits when Fults met Bonnie Parker(Thornton). She ask Clyde to give lift Cafe or to her mothers place.Bonnie attractive with reddish blond hair blue eyes with bobbed hair style she was friendly, talkative with outgoing manner.

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