Medieval belt buckle in Scottish sewer

It was found while crews were working to repair a collapsed sewer, to be fair. I don’t know that it was actually in the sewer when discovered.

Anyway, it was made out of copper alloy in the 12th century it’s and is surprisingly well-preserved. Apparently waterlogged land is a good preservative of treasure.

“We found this encrusted buckle which had been folded over, but was obviously something nice,” she said.

“So we brought it back here and carefully unfolded the copper and discovered this most beautifully designed medieval buckle, which we think probably dates back to the 12th Century.

“It’s such a piece of work that it probably belonged to somebody with a bit of money.

“We suggested maybe a merchant in the medieval burgh because of course Perth was quite an important trading post.”

4 thoughts on “Medieval belt buckle in Scottish sewer

  1. Cool!

    I played hockey in Perth, felt medieval, and got belted. So this has real significance for me.

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