More tales of treasure

This time it’s an Anglo-Saxon pattern-welded sword rescued from the trash.

The seventh century “pattern-welded” Bamburgh Sword, which was forged for a king, narrowly avoided being dumped in a skip by workers who were clearing the house of the archeologist and broadcaster Brian Hope-Taylor after his death. It was rescued by some former students who had gone to the house after hearing that his books were being sold off.

Now granted, it’s not quite so coincidental a score — what with the late homeowner having been an archaeologist and all — but it’s still way fancy.


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Comment by pitshade
2006-06-19 22:40:45

I suppose the end being held up fit into the hilt of the sword. It would be nice to see the piece in more of display setting so the ends were visible. It would be easier to tell what bits are broken ends plus I wouldn’t have to look at that hideous dress.

Comment by livius drusus
2006-06-19 22:44:37

I seriously considered drastically cropping, but the hands looked like Mickey Mouse was dismembered and his parts used to display antiquities.

Comment by livius drusus
2006-06-19 22:45:11

Oh and I agree that the skinny bit up top has to be the be the hilt.

Comment by pitshade
2006-06-20 18:08:36

Mickey Mouse dismembered and used as a history prop? You come up with the best ideas…


Comment by pitshade
2006-06-20 18:48:17

This link discusses swords and has a section on pattern welding and what it means. There’s an illustration of one showing the ‘skinny bit’ called the ‘tang.’

I should have remembered the tang thing, having heard the dang term before.

Comment by Legs
2006-06-21 01:01:39

That girl has man hands.

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