Programming note

The blog is on the move again. We’re switching to a new host with unlimited bandwidth because two bandwidth exceeded shutdowns in three months is more than I can tolerate. The data transfer will begin shortly. Any comments posted after the transfer has begun may be lost, so steel yourself.

Once the content has moved, DNS propagation might make the site unavailable for as long as 48 hours depending on where you are. In my experience, it has never taken anything close to that much time, but forewarned is forearmed and all that.

Whatever happens, don’t freak out. It’ll all be cool in the end. 😎

12 thoughts on “Programming note

  1. Have you considered using Dreamhost? They provide free hosting for nonprofits if you meet certain criteria and have the storage you need. It is what we use for ARCA.

    1. Dreamhost was a very strong contender. I even had a few email exchanges with their customer service staff; none of the other places I looked into got that far. I ended up going with Westhost, however, and I’m already glad I did because they use cPanel which allowed the site transfer to happen so smoothly there was zero downtime. Dreamhost’s proprietary control panel would not have played so well with my old host’s.

      I’m not a 501(c)(3) organization, I’m afraid, so I wasn’t going to qualify for free hosting.

    1. It went ever so smoothly. I had to repost this morning’s entry once the new DNS info propagated my way and there a handful of comments that I’ll need to manually reinput, but that’s no problem at all. No downtime makes little livy a very happy camper.

  2. It sounds like a cache might be in order! I suggest taking a look at CloudFlare, they even have a free tier 😉

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for your commitment to keeping the high-res images a part of your blog. I always love being able to see artifacts “close-up” instead of a just tiny thumbnail.

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