“How Art Made the World”

That’s the title of a five-part series that premieres on PBS tonight. The reviews are mixed — NYT likes Nigel Spivey despite his keen perception of the obvious, Hollywood Reporter finds it lame, Seattle Times thinks it’s a kid’s show — but Spivey will be hitting some amazing locations and covering some beautiful art. I’ll be giving it a peek, for sure.

On a puerile note that would make the Seattle Times cluck, I am compelled to point out the several levels of phallic imagery in this picture:

3 thoughts on ““How Art Made the World”

  1. The first episode is entitled, ‘More Human Than Human’ so that’s a plus in itself. It makes me consider the way that Blade Runner questioned what it meant to be human, contrasted with the statement, “That’s why representations of the human body throughout history usually are not realistic.” Of course the movie was made in Hollywood, but the bodies of the replicants weren’t exactly the human norm.

    Too bad my cable is gone, though it got hard to justify the price.

  2. Oh what a pity. No chance of PBS coming through with rabbit ears?

    I had forgotten that discussion in Blade Runner. I’ll keep it in mind while I watch tonight.

  3. I’d need at least two whole rabbits to pick up anything this far back in the hills…

    Let us know what you think of the show.

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