Museum windows for sale

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda is raising funds to replace 52 ailing windows before hurricane season.

The museum, also the island’s first courthouse, is the oldest building in St. John’s dating back to the 1750s.

Archaeologist and curator of the Dockyard Museum Dr. Reginald Murphy said that the building’s age has caused the windows to suffer. “Over time all of our windows have suffered terribly. They are made of wood and right now they are being held together by the termites, who are sort of holding hands. There is nothing else holding these in so they have to be changed.”

Agnes Meeker of the Historical Society said the windows are double hung sash windows of large proportion in a neo-classical structure. They are 52 in total and the replacement cost has been estimated at around $3,000 each, not including installation.

The old windows will be made into decorative mirrors and sold to raise funds for building maintenance.

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