Boy it sure got quiet in here

At first I just assumed I’d bored everyone to death once and for all. When I found myself all alone nerding out over Richard III’s cortege for 18 hours or so, I was bummed, but still not suspicious. Yes, it took another three days of complete radio silence in my comments for it to dawn on me that something might just be rotten in technological Denmark. So I looked under the hood and lo and behold, the last comment was posted on March 16th and on March 17th I installed an update to the anti-spam plugin. Coincidence or just two things happening at the same time? Neither! There was, gasp, a causal relationship between the two events.

So now I have a new anti-spam plugin that is not dead set on silencing you and eviscerating my self-esteem. Group hug!

56 thoughts on “Boy it sure got quiet in here

  1. We were wondering what was wrong!

    Please keep it up … Yours is the most marvelous blog on the net. We are daily and appreciative visitors!

  2. We love you, LD! If you are not getting comments, something is definitely wrong with the tech end of things. Just this morning I forwarded your Neanderthal post to my aunt and uncle because it was so completely awesome! Neanderthal eagle jewelry from over 100,000 years ago. How cool is that? The morons who believe the earth to be 6000 years old are really missing out.

  3. I was following the Richard III coverage and wondering when your continuations were coming. I was disappointed that my attempts to contact you went flat, but I thought it was just me.

    As for the rest, I don’t think that you are capable of boring me.

    Thank you for all the hard work. I don’t always post, but I’m always reading.

  4. I just want to say that my day is not complete without reading your blog. Thanks so much for all the hard work!

  5. The name Livius Drusus and the word “boring” cannot possibly exist in the same sentence without the presence of the word “NOT”.

    I have often posted a link to your blog to my favorite opinion site, and that included the eagle jewelry. I’m having chemo and the one bright spot I can count on twinkling every day is The History Blog. I often use your entries as a springboard for hours of web surfing fascination.

    I’m so glad the glitch is unglitched!

    1. Historical rabbit holes are the best distraction in the world, I think. Many’s the time I found myself rubbing my bleary eyes after a lost weekend spent hopping from link to link, from search to search.

      Thank you, Sandy. I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that your good health with return in fullest flower once the chemo is done. :thanks:

  6. *Waves celebratory flags!* Thank you for figuring out what was going wrong with the comments! And, to reiterate what the others have been saying, nothing about your writing or this subject matter could possibly by boring.

    …on one hand, perhaps the interrupted commentary on your posts was a blessing in disguise. You would have had to deal with quite a tirade that I had going on the Queen Anne medallion post, otherwise.

    Happy Reburial Day! And may the comments come flooding in to add to your joy.

    1. Ooh, a Queen Anne medallion tirade! Sounds juicy. I don’t suppose you could muster up further indignation days later, could you?

      Happy Reburial Day to you too! It’s great to see your words.

  7. OK, I’ll wade in–me too, me too! My days are much brighter because of your posts, and I often share them. It gives me more joy to know there are others out there, deep in their respective rabbit holes of research, seldom coming up for air, yet alone scones and tea! My rabbit holes are all about old quilts and the stories they tell, so your posts are wonderful diversions. Thank you. Please keep the cool stuff coming!

  8. I wondered why a whole mess o’ posts showed up in my feed yesterday all at one time. Hurray for fixes! Although I did enjoy the marathon reading session that ensued. 🙂

    1. Oh lawds, I didn’t even realize that whatever was broken was messing up feeds too. I read a news story a while back about this room some scientists have made that is the quietest room in the world. Apparently people can’t stand more than a few minutes of it. All that quiet makes them hallucinate and generally lose their minds. I now know how they feel.

  9. Erm, this was in reply to Rebecca, who said that people who think the earth is only 6,000 years old are morons.

  10. You are on my ‘must read’ blog list. So even though I mainly just lurk, know that you are the historical bomb!

  11. I read this blog every day and always enjoy it. Your posts usually send me off on more online research. Please keep up your marvelous and fascinating reporting on everything historical! :yes:

  12. Your blog is one of the first things I read every morning. I had wondered about the lack of comments also; I always go back to see if there are any comments on posts since they can be interesting as well.

    Keep up the good work covering all those bits of historical trivia we might not otherwise discover

  13. Yay! I kept trying to post my comment to the traveling plate post every day to see if the code was happy again.

    I had tried using the blog’s Contact Me link early on to let you know that it looked like something was broken, but that wasn’t working either. Welcome back!

  14. So that is what happened, I had made my first comment and was somewhat at a loss to find that it didn’t appear.

    1. Horrors! Your first comment should be celebrated, not disappeared. Thank you for trying again and congratulations on your first comment finally getting posted. :boogie:

  15. I tried that too, after numerous attempts, via a couple of browsers, to leave a comment on your Richard III post.

    I’ll leave it on your most recent RIII post instead.

    So glad you figured out that there was a problem, and got it fixed.

  16. I tried to post several times, worried it was me (I’ve been having some computer probs recently), and sniveled. Then realized there weren’t any posts from ANYONE! Then I got really worried. I am so relieved to see you’ve got your problem fixed, livius, and happy to see so many other folks show up. Part of the fun is sharing. I’m happy now. (And I got my tech problem fixed too.)

  17. Huzzah for figuring out there was a problem. I tried posting comments on posts to you using different browsers. I thought maybe an upgrade to one had caused the problem on my end.

    I then tried to contact you using your contact page. The page turned blank when I submitted my note.

    So glad to be able to chime in again!

    1. So glad to see you chime in again! This is the first time I’ve come to regret never using my Twitter account except to contact sources for stories. The problem would have been solved immediately because someone would have been able to say something directly to me.

  18. This is a curse that strikes Typepad blogs every now and then. I witnessed first hand a small academic feud where one party accused the other of censoring comments, which the puzzled blog owner strenuously denied. Typepad didn’t block all commenters, but selectively, so nothing seemed amiss to the blogger. The filter didn’t tell people it was blocking their posts, they could only notice by the absence of an entry. Incredibly, all you had to do was change your name and e-mail and it would let you through. Some filter!

  19. And this is a great reminder to me to COMMENT once in a darned while instead of simply loving a blog to death in complete silence. 😆

    One of my favorite reads out there – always a pleasure to see a new post up from you!

  20. Typical. As a Neanderthal born and bred, I thought it appropriate to make my first comment in appreciation of the last post.

    Finally concluded you could not understand my grunting noises and had binned me as spam.

    Google Translate did the business this time, not too badly for once. Who knew they did Neanderthal?

    1. They probably read your emails and cracked the Neandercode so they could sell you all the eagle talons you could ever possibly desire. No more having to risk your neck capturing raptors in their nests for you.

      And just for the record, I would never bin grunting noises as spam. Some of my best friends communicate only in grunts.

  21. I was loving your updates about Richard III’s cortege and tried commenting several times until I realized it really wasn’t working.
    Great to see the comment section back in working order!

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