Spoooooky historical pictures

Check out this great collection of period skull illusions and Halloween costumes. Some of those early century clowns will put the fear of God into you, I tell you whut.

Little girls and their dog skull Cafe De l'Enfer, Paris ca 1910 Scary old timey clown

In other fun Halloween history news, Archaeology magazine has collected all kinds of different Halloween-themed witches-and-vampires finds and articles here. You might have even seen me blog about one of two of them in the past.

I love this one about the urine and bellybutton lint in the witch bottle, and this article about evidence of spellcasting in Cornwall.

Lastly, enjoy the most adorable skeleton art from artist Olaf Breuning in the gardens of the Villa Medici in Rome.

Villa Medici belongs to the French government, and they have a program where artists apply to live there for a while and just make art. The Villa and its grounds make for a dramatic backdrop in all kinds of media.

Skeletons in the Villa Medici garden

I’ve never seen skeletons with so much joie de vivre.

:skull: Happy Halloween! :skull:

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