Well that was horrific

You may have noticed your trusty blog about history has not been so trusty the past couple of days. A server update is apparently the culprit. The site went down Thursday afternoon and we’ve been struggling ever since to get it back. Finally the planets aligned and we are back. Buggy and error-riddled, but I’ll take it for now while we iron out the kinks.

The trauma of the last few days has only underscored how desperately important it is that I upgrade the software of this site. It’s ancient and all kinds of features are broken because of it. Perpetually perched on the razor’s edge of functionality, it can fail at the least provocation. That means we’re going to have to say goodbye to my old-fashioned theme and the blog will look completely different. As history nerds tend to like old-fashioned things, I’ve dragged my feet to avoid having to make so big a change. Time to face facts.

I’m so sorry for the outage. Real post coming up.

32 thoughts on “Well that was horrific

  1. My mother’s typical response for such a situation would have been “this too shall pass.” I heard it a lot as a kid, but nothing frustrating ever passed quickly enough. Good luck with your site, good Livius.

  2. New tech is preferable old habits , the main thing is to make sure that none of your wonderful history is lost to the bottomless pit demon of the ethersphere. I have seen so many wonderful blogs bite the dust when back up disaster struck and they didn’t have the heart to go on when their historical content was lost. Keep every precious morsel safe in triplicate. 🙁

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