What boys did before 7-11s and folding wallets

They stuffed their condoms in newspapers and carried them around campus. You know, just in case.

Librarians at the University of Salamanca were cataloguing the library’s historical books when they came across a 16th c. medical manual. A newspaper was found folded inside the manual, and inside the newspapers were two condoms.

Made from pork tripe and with a blue string at the open end to minimise spillage, they were actually found inside a newspaper dating from 1857, and probably left behind by a medical student.

I’m finding it difficult to imagine some poor guy having to tie a blue ribbon ’round the ol’ oak tree at the crucial moment. And I thought opening the package was a buzzkill. We’ve got it easy in every way, don’t we?


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Comment by Manijhe
2008-07-18 14:43:27

That’s quite interesting. But I do think people back then generally had to wait more than we do, for anything. Almost everything.

What do you think?

Comment by livius drusus
2008-07-18 19:11:39

I think that’s certainly true. In the case of sex, however, we’ve become accustomed to the notion of taking a moment to don a birth control and/or disease prevention device.

Back in 1857, slow-paced as most of interactions were, a break at the moment of penetration was probably not something most people were accustomed to.


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