Finally a damn chariot picture!

I’ve mentioned whole ancient chariots having being found in two entries, but neither times did any source provide a picture, and believe me I looked far and wide.

Well, Bulgarian archaeologists have found a 1900-year-old chariot in a Thracian tomb and for once they’re not being stingy with the archaeoporn, bless their merciful hearts.

Daniela Agre said her team found the four-wheel chariot during excavations near the village of Borisovo, about 180 miles east of Sofia, the capital.

“This is the first time that we have found a completely preserved chariot in Bulgaria,” said Agre, a senior archaeologist at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

At the funerary mound, the team also discovered table pottery, glass vessels and other gifts for the funeral of a wealthy Thracian aristocrat. In a separate pit, they found skeletons of two riding horses apparently sacrificed during the funeral of the nobleman, along with well-preserved bronze and leather objects, some believed to be harnesses.

It’s actually not the first time a complete chariot has been found in Bulgaria; it’s just the first time one has been found by archaeologists and excavated properly instead of torn out of the earth by looters.

Anyway, it’s hotness, so without further ado, enjoy:

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