Multi-generational sound archaeology

I’ve spent the afternoon gainfully employed in digging through family archaeology in the form of old vinyl records. The oldest are my grandmother’s 78 rpm foxtrot party tracks from the 1920s. The newest are from the late 80s. Anyone else out there remember the disco single of the Star Wars theme? No? Well take it from me, laser pew-pews and the R2D2 bleep-blorps make outstanding samples.

I hope your gift-gifting-based holidays were as productively nerdy as mine. Happy Disco Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band Funk Day!

Happy Star Wars Cantina Band Disco Funk Day!

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Comment by Will Chandler
2020-12-26 04:16:18

Flashback warning! Of course it’s been posted on YouTube, and in several formats.
Back in the day (1977 and long after) I knew a few DJs who played this track to efficiently clear the bar after the lights went up for closing.
Nostalgia just isn’t as good as it used to be.

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Comment by BP Murphy
2020-12-26 07:28:32

Happy gift-gifting-based holidays to you, too. Even your holiday greetings are clever and insightful. And, happy new year to you, too.

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Comment by Sandra
2020-12-26 08:39:33

Thanks for making me smile! Happy holidays!

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Comment by The Jannie
2020-12-26 09:28:20

My inherited Scottish music hall 78s were stolen in a burglary thirty ears ago so I’ve just treated myself to CD compilations of the most important artistes. After all these years I’ve found that when I sing along I’m nearly word perfect!

Thank you for your hard work over the year – it is certainly appreciated.

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Comment by Maud Karlsdottir
2020-12-27 10:09:08

2020 was 365 days of Spam. :blankstare: Thanks for the daily break.

Boogie on, dude. May the Force be with you.

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Comment by Petrea Burchard
2020-12-27 20:28:03

Thank you for all your wonderful posts throughout the year. I don’t comment much but I never miss one. Best blog ever.

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