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Thank you all for reading, for your comments, for all the kindness and appreciation you’ve shown me this year. As 2020 took on its increasingly bubonic 1347 tinge, I tried as much as possible to keep the blog as unchanged in focus and consistency as it has been since I began posting daily 12 years ago. My wish was The History Blog could be for you (and me!) what Philosophy was for Boethius, who dealt with quite the lockdown of his own. I hope 2021 is a renaissance year for cultural heritage and that this blog, in its fractionally tiny way, can help support the revival of endeavours  that have been laid waste in 2020.

Happy New Year! Now let’s the get hell out of this one.


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Comment by CW
2020-12-31 23:03:33

Happy New Year back at ya!

Appreciate your posts greatly. Whenever I link you, I usually give the rare and much sought after label of the “Always Good History Blog.” And it is.

Thanks much for your excellent work.


Comment by mike a
2020-12-31 23:52:18

I’m hoping the new year brings you and your readers health, wealth and happiness.

Comment by Albert Chambers
2020-12-31 23:57:52

Thank you for another great year of posts. Check the blog everyday as do others in the family. Keep up the good work. Afc

Comment by angela
2021-01-01 00:26:35

Agree completely. Good riddance to 2020. Thank you for all the years of sane and interesting posts

Comment by Yahbut Yahbut
2021-01-01 01:08:28

I check The History Blog every single day and love it, and SO appreciate the work you put into it. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2021!

Comment by sbh
2021-01-01 02:11:53

The History Blog is one of the bright spots in my daily reading. Thanks.

Comment by Rob
2021-01-01 02:26:25

Happy New Year!

Comment by Ana
2021-01-01 03:26:16

Thank you for sharing your posts in such a level-headed and truly elegant way. Long Live the History Blog and its maker!

Comment by Alan Millar
2021-01-01 04:43:16

Your commitment to quality is tremendous. I often see posts from mainstream publications now and can recognise the sensationalism that distracts from the genuinely interesting findings. That’s because of training from reading these posts which always contextualise findings so well.

So then I wait for your take on it in those rare cases where I see it elsewhere first.

Hope you have a really good new year. Looking forward to reading about new discoveries and historical revelations here.

Comment by Mungo Napier, Laird of Mallard Lodge
2021-01-01 05:00:29


Thank you for all that you do to keep us informed and entertained. Your blog is the first thing I open when I fire up this evil machine every morning.

Yours Aye,

Lord Mungo Napier, Laird of Mallard Lodge (SCA) 🦆
(aka Garth Groff)

Comment by Nope
2021-01-01 05:31:57

Thank YOU for this brilliant blog. Happy new year!

Comment by James Holt
2021-01-01 06:27:35

Thank you so much for your blog which I read every day. Happy New Year!

Comment by Ben
2021-01-01 06:46:31

Happy New Year to you and your family !!!

This blog is one of my regular ‘watering holes’ for interesting news. Thank you for making it so valuable and enjoyable, especially this past year with its many challenges.

Comment by Trixie
2021-01-01 06:54:47

Happy New Year! Thank you for your time and effort with this blog, which I read everyday.

Comment by The Jannie
2021-01-01 07:21:28

Thank you for all your hard work in bringing us this seemingly endless stream of fascinating facts. A peaceful, happy, prosperous and panic-free New Year to you and all my fellow readers!

Comment by Chris
2021-01-01 07:34:46

Thanks for all you do. I look forward to reading your blog every day and thinking about something other than the problems of 2020. Wishing you a wonderful 2021!

Comment by Hscsusiq
2021-01-01 07:43:46

You are my daily treat! Thanks for your kindness!

Comment by Jon
2021-01-01 08:06:37

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Comment by Allan Hunter
2021-01-01 08:34:47

I’m hugely appreciative of all you do. The History Blog is my place of refuge — I save it for when I feel I deserve a treat each day, and it never fails to make me think, wonder, and leave me with a richer sense of what our world is. You are reaching your readers in ways that are important, giving us a larger view, and that is a powerful gift. Thank you.

Comment by Albertus Minimus
2021-01-01 08:39:32

Your efforts and dedication are greatly appreciated by those, like this reader, who love things historical and archaeological. Writing a blog is a labor of love.

Eventually we will understand hindsight WAS 2020… 😉

Comment by Jim
2021-01-01 08:50:43

I have received so much from you through this blog.
I have referred to this blog in conversation very often.
May 2021 be your best year yet, and the worst of all those to come.

Comment by Mike
2021-01-01 09:13:48

The first place I came to visit in 2021! Looking forward to another year of great discoveries!

Comment by Sandra
2021-01-01 09:41:24

Thank you for educating and entertaining me the last few years. I check in every morning with my morning tea, and when I have time, I go back into your archives to read your older posts. I believe I will do just that today!
Happy New Year!

Comment by matt
2021-01-01 10:10:54

bubonic? chinese virus death rate is 0.04 percent. black death or the great pestilence as it was termed then had a mortality of around 50 percent. please be a historian not a melodramatisi

Comment by Maud Karlsdottir
2021-01-01 10:38:40

“A page of history is worth a pound of logic.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Darn right. 2021 will give us all the opportunity to turn the page and find great new treasures.

Thank you, LD. :hattip:

Comment by Charles
2021-01-01 11:18:21

Your blog is my favorite daily must read. Thank you ever so much.

Comment by Mário Ricca
2021-01-01 11:23:19

Thank you, History Blog, for keeping me alert and informed on the most important theme of culture: History.

All the best for 2021, with new and wondrous discoveries – besides, of course, health and well being.

Comment by Edie Hopkins
2021-01-01 11:41:24

Happy New Year to you and yours! And thank you so much for your wonderful blog! It’s brought a big bright spot to my days!

Comment by Becky Turner
2021-01-01 11:45:43

Just a quick note to say I discovered your blog this pat year and have enjoyed the peek it has given me into the past and the present.
Looking forward to this next year and hope the best for you and yours.

Comment by Catherine
2021-01-01 11:48:30

You are on my daily reading list and are one of my faves. I am an MD by training but I love learning of any sort. Your blog gives me a wide variety of exposure to many fields under the rather non-specific umbrella of “History”. Thank you for your dedication to providing this well-written always interesting blog. I appreciate your love for your subject and I also enjoy your fantastically torrid affair with all things Rome. Buon anno nuovo amico mio!

Comment by Shinystuffbuff
2021-01-01 12:04:49

I very rarely post but I turn to your blog several times each week. My high school kids always turn from what they’re doing and listen when I read your blog aloud and it makes for some very interesting conversations. Of course, 2 of my 4 kids are history nuts and follow your blog on their own. Your efforts have a great impact on our family discussions and interests in history and I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts. They are greatly enjoyed and appreciated!

Comment by Some Dude
2021-01-01 12:22:56

Thank you so much for your awesome blog! A daily stop for me. I have a feeling 2021 is going to be a great year for you!!

Comment by Virginia
2021-01-01 12:42:05

This blog has been such a wonderful place to rest a weary mind. Always interesting, often funny, and completely distracting from the chaos outside. Sometimes the blog is a cool compress on my forehead; sometimes it’s a warm, fuzzy blanket. Thank you for all your hard work!

Comment by mary spiers
2021-01-01 12:42:17

I truly look forward to reading your posts, especially now that we are locked at home. Being high risk we go no where. So good to have something of interest to read. Thank you for all you do.

Comment by Old Sarge
2021-01-01 12:57:49

Since I blog your blog I have learned a lot of historical facts. This is the best blog on the web. Happy New Year and may you a great new year.

Comment by Sid the Cat
2021-01-01 14:05:30

The utility of the historical view is that our species has gone through this before, and that we’ve seen worse times and somehow managed to survive.

Comment by George M.
2021-01-01 14:05:42

Current US death rate is about 1.7% of cases. Still much lower than the ancient and medieval plagues but that may well be reflected in the advance of medicine in the intervening years. When you consider that the current disease has killed more than the total of US casualties in WW2 its seriousness is illustrated. It is not something to be minimized or politicized.

Comment by Sandy W.
2021-01-01 15:18:49

I can’t thank you enough for doing this. Congratulations on such impressive work.

Comment by Alex
2021-01-01 15:21:57

This is one of my favorite blogs, great content. Very much like the photos and enlargements capability. Ancient Roman history is my favorite, then Greece. Anything after 450 AD doesn’t do it for me. Thank you

Comment by Michael
2021-01-01 15:27:21

And thanks to you for this wonderful blog. I learn, I share, I post your link – always fun. Blessings in the New Year.

Comment by Melanie
2021-01-01 15:31:50

Thank you for your sharing your knowledge. I live alone and work at home. My many cats and dogs don’t seem to have the same interest in history and your blog allows me to share insightful articles with friends near and wide. Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Comment by Dr.Cajetan Coelho
2021-01-01 15:46:44

Many thanks. Best wishes for a healthy 2021.

Comment by mass55th
2021-01-01 15:56:56

Happy New Year to you and your family, and to everyone who frequents this site. This is my go-to place for all news related to history, and the on-going archaeological work that continues to uncover great finds around the world. Thank you for sharing it all with us these past years. May 2021 be a happy and healthy New Year for us all.

Comment by Axel Kassel
2021-01-01 16:00:13

What they said.
Happier New Year.

Comment by Theo
2021-01-01 16:54:19

𐌰𐌿𐌳𐌰𐌲𐌰𐌹 𐌾𐌴𐍂𐌰 :yes:

Comment by Paul Valadez
2021-01-01 16:56:25

Thank you very much for your blog I look forward to this every day!

Comment by Maria Hamilton
2021-01-01 17:50:27

Thank you so much for the fantastic blogging. You’ve provided a bright spot in an otherwise lackluster year. Love your commentary.

Happy New Year!

Comment by Deborah
2021-01-01 20:28:05

Thank you for all the informative articles.
I hope you got your lego’s under the tree.

Comment by Tim O'C
2021-01-01 21:13:34

It’s a brilliant site, thank you so much.

Comment by Petrea Burchard
2021-01-01 23:48:11

Thank you for being one of the bright lights in a dim year.

Comment by Patti
2021-01-02 07:54:05

Thank you. Thank you for a great year of non-political posts. A place to escape the madness of this last year. I read all your posts, but not always on the day you post them, like today. My appreciation for the research you put into them is still as great as those who read them on a daily basis. I also really appreciate I can truly see images full screen on my computer. Wishing you a day late, a happy, healthy and productive 2021.

Comment by Ambrosius
2021-01-02 07:58:07

Thank you for another year of nourishing mind food Livius. Blogs are damned hard work and yours is very much appreciated. ‘Lang may your lum reek laddie’.

Comment by Craig
2021-01-02 10:31:06

THANK YOU, for YOUR time.

Comment by Cathy J
2021-01-02 12:17:19

Happy New Year! And thank you for the gift og this blog, one I’ve followed for many years.

Comment by Jake
2021-01-03 04:02:28

Best wishes to you for 2021 and my hearty thanks for your continued efforts in producing such an excellent blog. Yours is the only site I still return to a decade after first finding it! Kind regards.

Comment by Louise
2021-01-03 06:42:19

Our thanks to you, Livius, for your dedication to giving us all such a fantastic resource. You never disappoint in your ability to produce a detailed report, so different from the meagre fodder in the usual news channels, and the quality of the images are an absolute pleasure. Sheer joy, to be able to zoom right in to the Galloway cross or the painted guard dog on the Pompeian food stall. Thank you, and a happy New Year!

Comment by Claudio
2021-01-03 15:58:27

Happy New Year – and thank you so much for this precious blog! May it indeed lead us to a brighter renaissance over the coming year(s)!

Comment by Gina
2021-01-03 17:29:09

Thank you for this blog! You make my day!

Comment by Trevor
2021-01-04 03:15:03

Happy New Year, and thank you for this drop of sanity in my busy working day :boogie:

Comment by Scott
2021-01-04 18:50:25

Happy New Year to you also, and thank you a million times over for blogging. I have been attached to you posts for a number of years and appreciate it more than you know. Im also a crazy Italofile. so i really love when you post on my beloved Roma

Comment by Wendy
2021-01-06 14:18:32

Just want to chime in- you’re awesome, and I really appreciate your blog. In case you’re curious: if you had a podcast, I’d pay for it.

Comment by Cheryl
2021-01-06 21:10:59

Thanks for all the years! The only webpage I’ve ever stuck with for so very long. I don’t have time to read it every day now that I have two little kids, but I catch up whenever I can!

Comment by Xolx
2021-01-12 05:26:27

Thank you for the very good website. i love reading it, for many years.

Comment by lars
2021-01-12 09:14:04

Start the new year by mobile adapting your website.

Comment by J
2021-09-04 13:28:46

Adding my gratitude for the hours of enjoyment and learning that you have delivered. I started at the most recent posts and am now traveling back in time, hence the delay in this comment!

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