Happy New Year!

Here’s to a 2022 replete with long-delayed archaeological digs, museum exhibitions attended by record-breaking crowds and lots of history nerd-themed travel. And if circumstances continue to make such resolutions too hard to keep, then we’ll just have keep the nerdfires burning virtually right here. 😎

15 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Thank you. Your site is a daily reminder that the world is still out there and that there are still wonderful things to be revealed.

  2. All through 2021 you offered proof there is more to the internet than cat videos and Kardashian updates; for that you have my deepest gratitude. :notworthy: Best Wishes for a Happy 2022 filled with more amazing good news than you ever thought possible!

  3. Happy New Year, LD. Many thanks for your hard work. EVERY DAY! We hope you get to visit Rome again soon to chill. :yes:

  4. This nerd truly appreciates all the hard work you put into your blog! I’m not real big on TV watching, but I’ll gladly go down the rabbit hole researching something that you’ve put on the blog. A happy new year to you and the others who read your blog.

  5. You’re the best thing I’ve ever found on the ‘net. Thank you for all your hard work and excellent writing!

  6. Yours is one of the few sites that I visit every day. Even when I have seen the story elsewhere, it is rarely with the depth I find here, not to mention the links and amazing photos you provide.

    Here’s to more exciting discoveries in the New Year!

  7. A very happy New Year to you. You are doing fine. A big thanks. Wishing you strength and stamina in 2022 and beyond.

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