Ancient rock paintings found on ‘stone goat’ in China

An archaeologist and a team of students have found 1,000 ancient rock carvings and paintings in Yangce Town, in east-central China’s Henan province. The team spent a week exploring a 5 kilometer area between villages and encountered a variety of different pictographs.

[Archaeologist Ma Baoguang] told reporters that he was deeply impressed by a large cambered stone which is 8 meters long and 3.7 meters wide. There are more than 500 small craters of different sizes on the surface of the stone and several relatively larger craters that are 13 to 20 centimeters in diameter and three to seven centimeters in depth. These craters are connected by various lines, forming a very large ancient diagram….

Ma thinks the craters and lines are maps of the Yellow and Luo rivers. What makes them particularly notable is that they are drawn and carved on a stone goat, an ancient animal sculpture. They’re very rare on their own, so to find one with intricate ancient designs on its neck and back is unique. No other similar rock paintings have been found on a stone goat.

The find has not been dated, so far as I can tell.

Ma Baoguang with rock paintings on stone goat

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