Do you know this face?

The North Carolina Office of State Archaeology has been stumped by an artifact found in a field near Newton Grove, North Carolina, and is asking for help in identifying it. The sandstone sculpture was discovered by Tom Giddens while ploughing his field. He moved the slab to the side and kept on ploughing.

When he was done, he turned the stone over and saw that it had a face carved on the front. He alerted the Office of State Archaeology to his discovery.

“It is definitely a rare find, which is why we presently don’t know how old it is or who made it. It is made of sandstone, which is of medium hardness and therefore does not require specialized tools to carve,” [Assistant State Archaeologist Mary Beth] Fitts said of the sculpture.

The piece is large at 22.2 x 15.75 inches and appears to have some carving on the back as well as the face on the front. There’s a line along the bottom side that seems to define a chin.

Archaeologists are hoping that someone out there knows of a comparable artifact. A similar piece might shed light on when this one was carved and by whom. In aid of that, the NC Office of State Archaeology has created and shared a 3D model of the sculpture.

If this congenial fellow looks familiar, let the Office of State Archaeology know on their Facebook page or via email.