Update: Paradise not to be paved after all

It looks like the Mayor of Rome has stopped construction on the Pincio parking lot.

Instead of a new 700 space lot, 500 new spaces will be added to the existing parking deck a few blocks away at Villa Borghese. Why didn’t they do that from the beginning, you ask, especially since the Borghese parking lot isn’t full most of the time as it is?

This editorial has a handy local croneyism explanation:

The original idea was to get cars off the street in the areas around Piazza di Spagna by selling the slots in the Pincio car park to residents in the historic centre, as well as to parliamentarians and their staff at the chamber of deputies and the senate. It was never made totally clear exactly who would be the beneficiaries of the 700 slots, but they were certainly going to be privileged people.

So. There weren’t going to be tourist rent-a-car and commuter carpools in that deck anyway. They were going to gut the Pincio so legislators and their clerks could park a block closer to work.

Breathing. Breathing. In with anger out with love. It’s over now.

Until the next time.

Breathing. Breathing.

6 thoughts on “Update: Paradise not to be paved after all

  1. I’m very happy for you that this project was called off.
    Sorry I’ve been away a while, but now I’ve caught up on all I missed and enjoyed every single post. Thanks for all your work and sharing (and fuming).

  2. Thank goodness presumably cooler heads prevailed. The original plan was too ridiculous for words, but I can’t say I’m surprised it appears to have been based on cronyism. Thanks for the update!

  3. You know, I almost wish that it had been a huge dirty backroom payoff that explained it. At least that would have suggested that some major incentive was needed to quell someone’s conscience.

    That the goal was a tiny increase in convenience for a handful of civil servants is nauseating.

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