Hatfields & McCoys debuts on the History Channel

Bill Paxton as Randolph McCoy with familyThe feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families of Appalachia has transcended its origins as a bloody multi-generational backcountry conflict to become a metaphor for all vendettas. Yet, despite its lexical fame and inherent drama, it has rarely been depicted on television outside of documentaries, cartoons (Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo have all done versions) and a particularly awesome episode arc of Family Feud. Kevin Costner as Devil Anse HatfieldStarting Monday at 9:00 PM EST, the History Channel will step into that void with Hatfields & McCoys, a three-episode miniseries starring Kevin Costner as William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield and Bill Paxton as Randolph “Ole Ran’l” McCoy.

I understand the show is basically faithful to the historical record, although of course it’s fictionalized to some degree. If you don’t want to read spoilers for something that happened 140 years ago, stop here. If you want to follow in the footsteps of these most notorious of feuders, check out the Pike County website which has a handy printable brochure (pdf) describing the key Hatfield-McCoy landmarks, as well as tips for other activities in the area, places to eat, hike, etc. They also have a companion CD to enhance your Hatfield-McCoy driving tour. Call Pike County Tourism at (800) 844-7453 or contact them via email to purchase a copy.

And now for the backstory.

The Hatfields and McCoys were early settlers of Tug Valley, an area on the border between Kentucky and what is now West Virginia. The Hatfields lived mainly on the West Virginia side in Mingo County, the McCoys on the Kentucky side in Pike County. During the Civil War, the Hatfields fought for the Confederacy while the McCoys sided with the Union. The trauma of the war underpinned much of the conflict between the two families.

Asa Harmon McCoyIn fact, the first to die at the hands of the other family was Asa Harmon McCoy, a Union soldier who returned home after breaking his leg. He was immediately threatened by a posse of ex-Confederate vigilantes headed by Devil Anse Hatfield who called themselves the “Logan Wildcats.” After he was shot at while drawing water from his well, Asa Harmon fled his home and hid in a cave. The Wildcats found him by following his slave Pete (yes, the Union soldier had a slave well after the Emancipation Proclamation) to the cave where they shot Asa dead on January 7, 1865.

Devil Anse HatfieldThe McCoys blamed Devil Anse, who as it happened was not among the killers that day because he was home sick. It was Devil Anse’s uncle Jim Vance who probably did the killing. Nobody was ever brought to trial. Much of the community, even many members of his own family, thought Asa had it coming for fighting for the Union, so no witnesses ever came forward and the case was never officially solved.

Randolph McCoyIt was 13 years before tensions erupted again; this time the central bone of contention was a pig. The McCoys said the pig belonged to them, but the Hatfields claimed that since it was found on their property, it was now theirs. Unlike the murder of Asa Harmon, the pressing matter of the pig was taken to court, or rather, to the home of the local Justice of the Peace, Anderson “Preacher Anse” Hatfield. Bill Staton, who was related to both feuding families, testified for the Hatfields and the Hatfield judge ruled in the Hatfields’ favor.

Two McCoy men took their revenge by killing Staton. They were acquitted of murder on the grounds of self-defense.

Roseanna McCoyThe next year came the Romeo and Juliet portion when Roseanna McCoy, daughter of Randolph, and Devil Anse’s son Johnson “Johnse” Hatfield fell in love. She squealed on her own family in order to save Johnse when they captured him. Despite that and despite the fact that she was pregnant with his child, Johnse married someone else, specifically, Roseanna’s cousin Nancy. The McCoys were less than pleased, and in 1882 Roseanna’s brothers Tolbert, Pharmer, and Bud killed Ellison Hatfield, Devil Anse’s younger brother.

The brothers were on their way to trial when Devil Anse captured them, waited until Ellison died of his wounds, and then killed all three of them in retribution. Sadly, that wasn’t even the peak of the violence. The culmination of this murderous madness came in 1888 with the New Year’s Night Massacre. The Hatfields, led by Uncle Jim Vance, surrounded Randolph McCoy’s home in the dark of night and shot up the cabin before setting it on fire. Randolph managed to escape, but two of his children were killed and his wife was beaten severely and left for dead.

The hanging of Ellison "Cottontop" MountsBy now the murders were making headline news all over the country. The governors of Kentucky and West Virginia were under pressure to stop the slaughter. Devil Anse’s brother Wall (played in the History Channel mini-series by Powers Boothe who was so chillingly brilliant as Cy Tolliver on Deadwood) and seven other Hatfields were arrested for one of the New Year’s Night Massacre killings. After legal vicissitudes that reached as high as the United States Supreme Court, all of the men were found guilty. Seven were condemned to life in prison. Ellison “Cottontop” Mounts was sentenced to hang from his neck until dead.

Although trials on various Hatfield-McCoy charges continued into the 20th century, the bloody murder sprees stopped after the hanging. Almost a hundred years passed before Hatfields and McCoys shook hands in 1976. That laid the groundwork for that awesome three-parter of Family Feud in 1979, and by 2000 the Hatfield and McCoy descendants were having joint family reunions. They officially signed a truce document in 2003, inspired to come together permanently by the events of September 11, 2001.


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Comment by edahstip
2012-05-28 15:23:16

I’ve always thought that Devil Anse was one of the best nicknames ever.

Comment by livius drusus
2012-05-28 15:29:06

Oh for sure. The Hatfields had the McCoys beat on the nickname front by a country mile.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-28 22:14:35

Love the movie,great job,But the geico comercial with the caveman,,gosh how stupid!!

Comment by Herb
2012-05-29 09:04:54

I am a Hatfield from Mingo County, WV so I was interested in watching the History Channel story of the feud. After only a few minutes of watching, I turned the tv off. It was a nothing more than an opportunity for Kevin Costner and the rest of the actors to see who could use the most profane and vulgar words. Under the cloak of “history” it was a most repulsive and obscene production. I am in shock that the History Channel would allow such a display of vulgarism and obscenity to be shown on their program. They must be desperate for rating.

Comment by Jean
2012-05-29 10:01:55

Thank you for your comment…other than your shock over the vulgarism and obscenity, do you feel the story is true to form?…I’ve read many differing versions and am very interested in your take on it…thanks in advance for your reply.

Comment by LadyShea
2012-05-29 15:04:54

The trailers made it look like some horrid melodrama and Kevin Costner…I am scared to test it out. Didn’t anyone watch it and was it well done?

Comment by livius drusus
2012-05-29 15:54:36

I have recorded it and plan to watch the first episode tonight. Fingers crossed!

Comment by Edith
2012-05-29 17:52:21

My 5th great grand Mother was Unice Ann Hatfield, and this family did not speak vulgarism and obscenity, not ever! Depicting the families in this way is disgusting!

Comment by LadyShea
2012-05-29 18:06:29

I’m sorry Edith, but there is no way you could possibly know how the Hatfields of that time spoke. And, as they were not above murdering children in their beds, why on Earth would anyone believe they were somehow above using naughty swear words?

Comment by Julio Hatfield
2012-05-29 18:43:41

Hey, isn’t this that show where Kevin Costner went on Oprah or something and said that, instead of getting paid in money to do this show, he got paid in being able to say as many possible swears as he could?

Comment by Liz Ellison
2012-05-29 19:10:25

Well, I was looking forward to a great movie. I am sure it was very well done, but i could hardly understand what the actors were saying. Am I the only one who experienced this problem????? My sister said she had the same problem.. What a shame.. I will watch again tonight, but I know I will have to really work to understand what is being said. Sorry!! :(

Comment by Diann
2012-05-29 19:18:08

No you are not, we turned it off after the first half hour because we couldn’t understand them either. I wasn’t even sure who was Hatfield and who was McCoy!

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-29 21:45:23

Well said!

Comment by Goofus
2012-05-29 22:00:54

Watched the first episode but won’t watch anymore. While I’m no expert on the Hatfields and McCoys, there were several obvious historical inaccuracies.

As somebody who is from Appalachia, a little farther south (North GA), the accents were terrible. Not even close. Typical Hollywood portrayal of Appalachia.

Comment by R'Mel Cornelious
2012-05-29 23:52:37

I’ve read this story many different times. Except for the dates the stories all seem kind of the same. The murder of Asa Harmon McCoy, the pig and trial, Rosanna Mct Coy and Jonse Hatfield, and the New Years Day Massacre, all come up in every story. This story feel even sadder to me now that I see it being acted out as life. I would also like to know how close did this story come to truth. How long did this feud actually last and what actually brought it to an end?

Comment by Brandy
2012-05-29 23:56:59

All I can say it was GREAT!!!!! I loved it.

Comment by Terry
2012-05-30 00:25:03

As a descendant Grandson of Justice of the Peace, Anderson “Preacher Anse” you took some liberties in rolling up “Preacher Anse” and Walls “Deacon” Hatfield together as one character! Could of a least had this character use less obscenity since he was both. You’ve captured the feud but not the people of that era or the Appalachia area. History deserves both!

Comment by Manda Lou
2012-05-30 01:12:19

Amen! Im from Tennessee and we may talk southeren but people can understand us and we dont talk like a buch of idiots.. :no: At least not most of us around here.. Other than that I like the show=)

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 02:06:18

I’ve watched the first 2 and I think it’s a great movie/show.. I’m sure not all is real but the core of it is but I think that actors especially Kevin C are great..

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 02:15:13

Things were different over a 100 years ago accent might of been stronger. The movie is great and I had no problem understanding them… Kevin Costner is a great actor and honestly I dont see how it’s so vulgar their speaking, really. Also, again you don’t know how they talked, I don’t have the slightest clue how my ancestors from the 1800’s talked that’s silly. Plus is a show not all is going to be to a Tee some is exaggerated for entertainment reasons obviously. Jeez.. Take it for what it is, a great mini movie..

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 02:16:05

:yes: Very good

Comment by Crystal
2012-05-30 02:17:21

I think it’s great! I do have a problem with them rolling characters (Wall and Preacher) into one but it seems they are following true to most accounts I have read. I haven’t had any problem understanding the actors or the speech, but I am from Texas so we do have our own way of talking down here. Great portrayals! Can’t wait to see the conclusion.

Comment by Crystal
2012-05-30 02:18:14


Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 03:07:36

I watched all three episodes on History Channel and I actually liked it. It’s a good movie in my opinion. :yes:

Comment by david
2012-05-30 03:51:27

i have family from letcher and harlan county kentucky and i cant understand a word any of them say..

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 06:51:07

I don’t think the language has been that bad, but you have to admit that it was probably worse back then. A lot worse.

Comment by Zac
2012-05-30 07:14:13

Do you think that these people, who were essentially killers, did not curse in real life?

Comment by Chrystal
2012-05-30 08:12:03

I agree, the use of all of the profane language was uncalled for. I was looking forward to watching this with my girls; after all it is about family. I turned it off and told them that they see how their relatives speak and that type of foul language is not used. I seriously doubt, even then, it was used to that extent. Even in the heat of the moment of losing one’s cool, not happy with that portrayal.

Comment by Karen
2012-05-30 09:46:54

I had no idea what the Hatfield McCoy fued was until I saw the previews for this movie. I googled it before watching the first episode so that I would no the history and what was happening. The movie is following every story I have watched to a T. Its perfect. I am so impressed by how well the movie follows the real story. Good job History Channel!

Comment by Jango Davis
2012-05-30 10:33:57

I did not notice any excessive use of profane language, and what was seemed appropriate for the depiction of the semi-literate working class. It seems you are projecting your own values and expectations onto the film.

Murder is not a family topic anyway so I have to question why you think it was appropriate viewing material for your children.

I guess exposing yoru children to violent depictions of murder is somehow better than hearing a few swear words.

Comment by Lenny boy a
2012-05-30 10:39:46

I’ve enjoyed it very much, you somehow feel for each family as to what they went thru, wow, and i’ve read the history and the movie was as close as you can get,I’d like to visit that area sometime

Comment by Julie
2012-05-30 11:07:50

I know what you mean… LOL

Comment by Evy
2012-05-30 12:56:40

:yes: I think this series is really terrific. I don’t find the language that offensive. There are movies out there that are far worse! The acting is awesome! Unless we lived back in those times, none of us can tell exactly what happened to a “T”. The producers are doing the very best at depicting the history from what they know. Enjoy it as it is so much better than some of the other garbage that is on TV these days. I wish there were more programs like this. I love it!

Comment by Ken
2012-05-30 13:06:52

Watched the first 2 episodes last night. Tonight is the 3rd and last. Thought it was entertaining and as Hollywood goes, close to hoistorically accurate. There are always people that will agree/like something and those who don’t. But those that are peaved about the language but say nothing about the murder, scalping and blood baths, they need a wake-up call!!! Geees, go to Brooklyn and listen to the language spoken in a Walmart!!!

Comment by Goofus
2012-05-30 13:40:01

I’d have to disagree with you on that. My great-grandmother, who I knew well, was born in 1875. I knew a lot people who were born in the 1800’s and I know how they talked, which isn’t even close to the accents in the film.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 13:43:53

The movie was great and like someone said it was as close to the reports that we see in our history books. The language of the movie seemed o.k to me and i understood every word. The actors done a great job. It’s just like any other movie we see on t.v.. Children have seen and heard worse.

Comment by LadyShea
2012-05-30 13:48:28

I don’t think they are referring to the accents, Goofus, but to the vulgarity the movie portrays as being used by the men.

Actors do their best, but the nuances of regional accents are tough to approximate, let alone master, for non native speakers.

I live in Alabama and have a neighbor from Georgia, and not only can I not reproduce how she pronounces the ending in the word “tomorrow” I can’t even approximate it in writing. It is very singular to exactly where she is from.

My grandparents were from Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas and all had very different accents from each other.

Comment by Phil
2012-05-30 14:15:09

Other than the link between Devil Anse and Randall in the war (randall never served), it seems pretty true to fact. I do have trouble telling Hatfield from McCoy characters. Too many people, not enough character development.

Comment by Goofus
2012-05-30 14:21:49

An Appalachian accent is pretty close, no matter where in Appalachia you are. I’m from North GA and if I’m in the mountains of Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, KY, etc., they know I’m not local but they usually think I’m from the general area until I tell them otherwise.

As for the language, sure people cussed back then but you’d never hear the sexual stuff that they use in the movie. Things weren’t as crass then.

Comment by Jadin
2012-05-30 14:32:15

I’m enjoying the series very much. I expected there would be profanity, after all how many people get murdered after having a nice, civil conversation? If these folks had been capable of that kind of interaction, I doubt seriously there would have even been a feud at all.
Kudos to the History Channel for presenting this fascinating footnote to a tragic chapter in American History.

Comment by LadyShea
2012-05-30 14:46:11

I think some of y’all might have romanticized things a bit. There was very coarse language used “back then” especially in the less urban regions of the US.

We aren’t talking about Victorian London high society here, we’re talking about the Appalachians (and the Wild West was during this time too) in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. We’re talking people who owned slaves in some cases.

Sex still happened and the correct term for a child born out of wedlock was bastard. There were plenty of brothels and they were called whorehouses and the prostitutes were whores. People used the f word even.

Comment by Bobo
2012-05-30 14:55:50

Um, the reason the same stuff comes up over and over? is because that is what happened?

Comment by bobo
2012-05-30 15:08:33

It is about FAMILY? Oh my God. There is a clear warning about the use of foul language, sexually explicit scenes, and violence before the movie begins. Read it. Guess what: this is abaout real life events, and these people were backwoods, isolated interbred folk from well over a hundred years ago…..they behaved more like Al Queda, with their primit than any contemporary society in this country….primitive and tribal and brutal. Their mis-understanding of the Old Testament and their believe in violence as a means to solve all problems may not be pretty…but it is true to what life was like then, there. Good Lord. What pretty little fairy tale imaginary world do you try to live in? Your “it’s FAMILY” idiocy makes me laugh out loud. Yeah. you bet. A story about two families in the mountains slaughtering each other is a real Family Christmas Special… to watch with your kids while eating popcorn in the family room…..Good Lord. I swear, some of the comments from the descendants of these two families on here make the current crop look as idiotic and primitave and ignorant as the historical crop……complaining about vulgarity and completely accepting all the violence and lack of consciences exhibited by these sociopaths kind of makes you look like you would have fit right in back then…talk about missing the point of the exercise. jesus help me.

Comment by bobo
2012-05-30 15:10:12

“Things weren’t as crass then.” And you’d know that how, again?

Comment by Goofus
2012-05-30 15:13:59

Because my grandparents and great-grandparents who lived at the time, told me.

Comment by LadyShea
2012-05-30 15:35:39

My grandma swore like a sailor, but insisted she didn’t do so. My mom tape recorded her to prove it.

Comment by LadyShea
2012-05-30 15:38:32

Also I am guessing your grandparents didn’t tie people to Paw Paw trees for execution or shoot up and set fire to houses with sleeping children in them or beat women and leave them for dead.

Maybe your folk were less crass, maybe they weren’t, but them “telling you so” isn’t really very good evidence that people in general were less crass.


Comment by misplacedhillbilly
2012-05-30 16:57:24

First off.. those complaining of the language.. did you not read the Warning at the begining of the film each night it has been aired. As for the accent they are using in the movie I see it to be prety close considering thats been nearly 5-6 generations ago and a lot more education has been brought to the entire nation. Growing up I was fortunate enought to have known my great grandmother until I was 16 years old. She was raised in and around the area of this story. She told me many stories thru the years that sparked enough interest that I never wanted to stop learning about both families. You have to realize times back then are NOTHING like modern times today, especially southern West Virginia. A lot of people percieve this area to be very uneducated to this day. It is full of history and culture. ITs a area that knows the value of family, even thru its hardest times. I have enjoyed this movie greatly and so far I have seen it to be rather close to what I have been told and read. Anyone that would like to see the area I Strongly suggest you do so and to also take the time to see another rendition of the Hatfields and McCoys in southern West Virginia. http://www.theatrewestvirginia.com

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 17:37:03

I commend Herb for his great comment. As a descendant/relative of participants in “Bloody Breathitt” I watched the initial episode for an insight into what my relatives had participated in. After having read a good deal about the events of “Bloody Breathitt” and scholarly works regarding possible causes, I was interested to see how a similar feud would be depicted by Hollywood. My interest lasted less than 30 minutes (I missed the first 15 minutes or so), until my senses were being numbed by the near constant profanity.

Perhaps what is being presented on the History Channel is what must be done to secure a sufficient audience so that sponsors are more willing to pay for advertising, but I would suggest that the story in itself would lure the same audience and then even more once the word got out as to the quality of the presentation.

Comment by John
2012-05-30 18:51:47

Grow up Herb.

Comment by freemonkey
2012-05-30 19:11:53

Yeah, maybe it was really more like this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0041824/ :)

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 19:28:53

The movie was great. it tells the story good, some people would say that they was fighting for a pig,but back in those days that one pig could have feed your family for a week.what I’m trying to say is I would have done the same thong

Comment by Carol
2012-05-30 20:31:06

Me too!! The actors do a very good job of showing just how pride and the unwillingness to truly forgive lead to the death of so many.

Comment by Hatfield Descendant
2012-05-30 20:36:15

I personally liked the series. And speaking as one of Anse Hatifeld’s great great grandchildren, neither of the families were as wholesome as some of you would like to believe. How else could there have been so much blood shed if they were all saints? Times were different and so were the people

Comment by Donna
2012-05-30 20:47:36

Excellent, historically accurate,(I have done much research and study on the feud) as for the vulgarity, these were not soft, gentle, sensitive people, they were hard and tough even on their own children, and they were merciless to those who were not their blood.
Back then Miss Manners was not around, trust me these people did not sugar coat their words. They lived crude, talked crude, and they seem to have believed that killing was the only answer to everything. I found the movie to be very well done, and very realistic. Truth be told, if I were a Hatfield or a McCoy I would not be offended by the vulgar language their ancestors may have used, I would be more offended by the actions and lifestyle their relatives lived.

Comment by Joseph
2012-05-30 22:34:03

Overall a really good job. Hats off to Bill Paxton, Kevin Costner and all the other actors & actresses. Educationally, this story tells us that civil war can spill over into other conflicts. It also tells us that people who remain uneducated and rely on blind faith alone are vulnerable to manipulation.

The end result: Senseless murders

Hats off to the Hatfield & McCoy descendants for realizing this, and for making amends. May God bless their future generations, and help heal wounds from the past.

Comment by Maressa
2012-05-30 23:02:29

I’m a history buff…Really enjoyed seeing both family’s portrayed..
Great work Costner.. :yes:

Comment by Gretchen
2012-05-30 23:12:29

I’m just happy to see they are showing something that is historical instead of pawn shops and garage sales.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 23:21:45

Hahaha U hit the nail right on the head ur awsome bobo

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 23:22:03

Really? Did you not see the warning? Honestly, get over yourself.

Comment by Research
2012-05-30 23:30:08

Rare few people would have ever used blasphemy at that time, believing absolutely that taking the Lords name in vain would surely condemn you to the fires of hell. I can speak for the 40’s to now and swearing has become more and more prevalent and accepted. It was extremely rare for a woman to even say dang or darn and men did not swear in front of women and children. The words we use today for swearing were not the words they would have used then. Do actual research and you’ll see for yourself.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-30 23:33:12

You knew only how they talked when they were very old. The grandparents that I knew, are not the same as they were when they were growing up. They no longer drank or got fired up like the stories I have only just recently started to hear about.

Comment by Research
2012-05-30 23:46:00

Keep in mind too the power of the words they did use. It wasn’t due to being dainty or polite just less worldly and knowledgeable. If you were called a liar, theif, beggar, adulterer, bastard, Jezebel, devil, sinner or even scoundrel it was taken the way we take being called a MF or to go F ourselves. Anything you were called that was unChristian or unholy was a tremendous insult. A woman could be ruined by being called “free”. It was just a different time. Being a called “demon from hell” or “Satan’s Spawn” were fighting words. When someone said “damn you” they actually meant you should be damned by God to the fires of hell, doesn’t much ruffle our feathers today because it doesn’t hold the weight it would have then. But in the end this is entertainment for the 2012 we want history but we want it to keep our attention. If “Devil” Anse said he hoped a McCoy would cursed by God sadly to me today we would think it sounded weak. These men were tough and hard and fierce and their language has to use today’s standards for us to feel it.

Comment by cassie
2012-05-30 23:48:39

I really enjoyed the mini movie..I see a lot of people commenting on how they talked back then…who really cares on how they talked in the 1800’s..I thought the movie was played very well..and was very easy to understand, unless you are an idiot that can not understand the english language. I am from jersey and now live in tennessee, and I don’t have any problems understanding the people from around here…all that is different is an accet..well done, and hats off to kevin C.

Comment by Harlan County, KY
2012-05-30 23:53:01

I loved this mini series. I thought it was portrayed pretty accurately from a historical standpoint. The language didn’t bother me, and for those complaining about the accents by the characters, there’s good reason. I would say NONE of them are natives of Appalachia, and it’s an accent not easily mimicked. I thought they did fair with it, though. Also, for those offended by the cursing – are you really singling that out and missing the bigger picture of two decades’ worth of two families murdering of each other? If the cursing offends you but not the content of the murders, you certainly have your priorities regarding morals and ethics backwards.

Bloody Harlan
“Home Sweet Home”

Comment by Research
2012-05-30 23:53:03

Typical Yankee saying you have to be an idiot not to understand English.

Comment by Kim
2012-05-30 23:59:00

I liked the show and thought much of it was accurate. All those that commented on the language are correct about mountain people not talking or sounding anything like how they were depicted in the movie. I do not know if I dare to say this word, but being born in the mountains I can tell you that hillbilly speak is not really quite southern either and yes we will swear occasionally.

Comment by J.S.
2012-05-31 00:11:41

Yes, I too had a lot of trouble understanding what the characters were saying, the only one I could understand clearly Powers Booth. I kept hitting rewind on my DVR, in order to comprehend a few words. I’m sick of the current trend to slur words and talk too fast. Loved the series though.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 00:11:43

;) They did a fantastic job, grew up with the story and there is no way to color it up and make it any *nicer.”

Comment by Julie
2012-05-31 00:22:14

I really enjoyed the series. I am absolutely livid that the history channel ran the credits so F A S T at the end I could NOT get a chance to see what happened to these people. Why on earth did they have to speed up those credits like that? Now I a stuck googling to find out how long those people lived etc etc. As far as the language, it warned you with a parental advisory night after night after night. Stop the whine! Kevin Costner was great in this role as I knew he would be. I am very happy that this family reunited and made peace at last! Back to Googling fcs. J :angry:

Comment by melody
2012-05-31 00:22:30

well i enjoyed the movie,love to hear about history, :yes:

Comment by Angie
2012-05-31 00:33:47

Amen Gretchen.

Comment by Terry
2012-05-31 00:36:42

Descendant here, Preacher Anse Hatfield (Justice of the peace), presided over the “Hog Trial” not Wall and made a effort to settle matters peacefully and predicted the dispute would get out of control if not resolved quickly. Elder Anderson C. Hatfield, known as Preacher Anse, was a cousin of Devil Anse. After the election day gathering, Preacher Anse tried to talk some sense into both parties for forgiveness and peace sake. After the McCoy boys were seized by Devil Anse, he rode across the Tug River and demanded to talk to his cousin about releasing the McCoys. Preacher Anse begged Devil Anse to return the McCoy boys to Pikeville to be tried in a court of law. Devil Anse refused. The mini series rolled Judge Wall Hatfield and Preacher Anse Hatfield into one. Wall Hatfield went to prison. Elder Hatfield preached and served churches all over that area for 51 years and 5 months. Yes obscenity was use back then by crude people then and now but not by all. The greater point was many put their faith and life on the line to stop this feud.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 00:41:31

My grandmother was born in 1899, my grandfather in 1893, never heard them curse an ounce and I am as southern as they get! But still loved the movie, the cursing was useless as well as the drinking, but still was enthralled by it, if you noticed the women never/rarely cursed.

Comment by Ken
2012-05-31 00:48:31

Grown men with large supplies of weapons, alcohol, and ammunition… I can’t imagine that they would dream of cursing…. Gosh, golly.

@ bobo… Very well said. I wanted to add my 2 cents, but yours more than did the job.

Watching the first episode on a television that was a little older (but normally fine), there was some difficulty grasping the annunciation. On another TV w/ better audio, there was no such problem. Also, had they spoken w/ a true 1800’s accent, I think even more of it would have been difficult to understand.

Lastly… This is the first time in quite a while that my wife and I have spent two hours enjoying the same program together for three nights in a row.

Thanks to History Channel, Kevin Costner, and all involved in the movie for your efforts.

Comment by bob
2012-05-31 01:09:25

take it for what it is a mini series about American History using legends and stories and court documents to tell someones interpretation of what happened. The story is an amazing and sad story many people lost their life and the ones that did not lose their life must have been emotionally destroyed. I couldnt imagine losing one of my kids let alone the numbers of family members they lost.
I enjoyed the show and and the one thing I learned from it was love your family they may be gone tomorrow.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 01:24:49

Thank you for saying that about the language! I was ready to walk out with all the G.D. being said… Nonsense to have to put that in there!

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 02:34:45

Yeah, especially the language in HBO’s Deadwood.

Comment by cassie
2012-05-31 02:55:04

Typical yankee? Ok..sooo ur gonna downgrade me for living in the north all my life? If you had not payed attention in the movie hatfeild didn’t like that fact that a mccoy fought for the union instead of the confedreate. that is where the battle between the famlies begun. Let’s not have a remake of the 1800’s on a history blog. This is the 21st century not thefriggin 1800’s so save your raciest comments for someone else…my mothers family is from virginia southern virginia and fathers side is from norway…so I basically grew up around all the southern speakin people..and able to understand what they say…but like I was trying to say in my post before is why downgrade the movie, cause of their language speaking? As all of us now a days, who really knows how those people spoke in the 1800’s. Did you live in tha era? No..so how do you really know what those people sounded like? So stop with all these comments on how bad it was to understand the actors…I think it was very well played out, and very easy to understand them

Comment by steve
2012-05-31 03:16:35

How you know my sister????…lol….lol…hell, everybody knows your sister…lol
South Carolina here…I understand everything they said just fine..!!

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 05:42:36

I agree. Preacher Anse was my great-great-grandfather and was a peace-maker. Valentine was quite different. I feel like they blew it just to avoid name confusion.

Comment by Dennis Meeks
2012-05-31 05:44:21

I agree. Preacher Anse was my great-great-grandfather and was a peace-maker. Valentine was quite different. I feel like they blew it just to avoid name confusion.

Comment by raven
2012-05-31 06:44:28

I completely agree. Show not meant for kids that’s why it had parental guidelines and how is murder acceptable but not cursing. I didn’t even notice the cursing like most of you are projecting. From what facts there are the show seemed pretty accurate and the accent wasn’t that bad… I enjoyed it, Kevin did a great job!! Like any of you could do better…

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 09:01:06

I agree.

Comment by Danielle
2012-05-31 09:08:31

Loved the show!! Ahhhh! I was so emotionally invested!! I had grew up hearing stories of the feud, my mother’s family is from that area and even though I am born & raised in Florida, I understood everything. Great Job History!! LOVED IT!!

Comment by Jason Estep
2012-05-31 09:52:15

I am a decendant of the Hatfields as well and a major history an genealogy buff, and I was so looking foward to this movie. I have to say I was very disappointed in the foul language used in this movie. I too did not finish watching the movie. As a christian I was very offended by the number of times GD was used in the parts I saw.I was completely dissappointed by this.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 10:11:05

Thank you for your comment on your family memeber…that is how I stumbled into this site…looking for clairfication on this issue..I am confused on the judge, Wall, Vallentine, etc. I heard KC call him brother I also didnt understand why he served why he went to prision..maybe my confusion isn’t all my fault :)

Comment by jc
2012-05-31 10:24:51

love the history channel…great job!

Comment by LadyShea
2012-05-31 10:58:08

What is with some of you Hatfields (and why are most of the language complaints coming from Hatfield descendents anyway)? The historically accurate death and violence isn’t bothersome, but the probably historically accurate language is?

I agree with a previous commenter, you have some strange priorities.

Comment by Betty
2012-05-31 11:14:32

I thought it was great. As far as the profanity goes, I didn’t hear much of it from the McCoy patriarch as he was portrayed as being more “Christian” that the Hatfield patriarch. I have a hearing problem and I was able to understand everyone. And thank God no one used the “F” word! Great program.

Comment by Pammy
2012-05-31 11:48:07

I LOVED the mini-series also, but I agree with you; that Geico caveman commercial WAS stupid.

Comment by Pammy
2012-05-31 11:55:56


I,too, am a Christian, and fowl language seems to be part of movies we know will be good. I did not want to let that stop me from seeing the history of your ancestors’ feud, with actors who I had not seen in anything in a long time (ex. Bill Paxton and Mare Winningham)When you do get a chance, please watch Part Three of the miniseries; it did not have as much bad language as the other two. It also had facts about what happened to your relatives after the series ended, like how many times some of them married, who was buried next to who, things like that.

Comment by VG
2012-05-31 11:57:53

I had this same problem also. Especially if they were talking low or trying to whisper. I got the gist of what was going on, but I had to rewind a few times.

Comment by Pammy
2012-05-31 12:05:18

Kevin Costner did do a great job, as you said. Bill Paxton was also great; I was so glad to see him in this, because I had not see him in anything in a while. Those two were perfect for those parts. Some of the actors who played the children were really good, especially Hatfield’s oldest son and McCoy’s oldest daughter.
I would definitely watch this again, and maybe buy the DVDs on Amazon.

Comment by misplacedhillbilly
2012-05-31 12:08:50

I compliment all the actors, producers, directors and entire staff and of course the History Channel for picking this movie up to put on the air. I enjoyed the program greatly and anyone that got offended by the language and violence I don’t now what you expected. This was a not your Disney or Family Channel type of story. This was a TRUE American story of two families and thier problems. You can’t sugar coat anything about what actually happened. There is a real moral to this story that many I am affraid is not seeing… DON’T LET HATE DISTROY YOUR LIFE AND FAMILY…History is ment to teach us something.

Comment by Sue
2012-05-31 12:25:19

The language was NOT as horrible as it is today. Get over it!

Comment by Betty
2012-05-31 12:31:31

I agree, I was unable to understand most of the dialogue. I did watch the entire show, but would have liked to have known what they were saying.

Comment by TeeBee
2012-05-31 12:38:58

Great acting, great portrayal. One thing, I’ve never seen so much spitting in all my life!!! :lol:

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 14:04:51

I personally loved the mini series. I am from WV, been here my whole life and went to college near the core of the feud area. I did notice myself sometimes thinking, that accent sounds weird but only a few times and I think they did a great job overall w/their portrayal.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 14:11:49

We liked the series. While it may not been 100% accurate it has made me and my family look into the real history of the Hatfields and McCoys. Love the history channel, if programs get us to think and want to learn more, isn’t that a good thing. The profanity was no worse than an R rated movie and we understood what they were saying even though we are from Minnesota.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 14:42:43

Loved the mini-series. I’m from Wisconsin and had no trouble understanding them.

Comment by Pammy
2012-05-31 16:11:45

I agree that the profanity was no worse than movies in the theatre. One thing I have always heard from actors is how much they enjoy portraying people from history, especially getting to wear the period’s clothing. When you are from the South like I am(yes, I wear shoes and have indoor plumbing), you hear all kinds of accents; hey, I cannot understand some of the people where I live and where I work. My accent is not southern sounding, not all of it anyway, even though I was born in Georgia and live in Alabama.
Anyway, I just loved the fact there was a mini-series to look forward to watching, when I got home from work. You do not see mini-series on TV anymore; I hope Hatfield and McCoy will inspire other ones.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 17:14:36

yes that commerical was the lamest ever.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-05-31 17:17:18

gosh they was plain to us southerns..lol but since I talk alot like them its easy for me to understand it. :boogie:

Comment by Sandy
2012-05-31 17:38:45

Got to agree on that. All the caveman coms are rediculous. Ditch the cavemen, keep the lizard.

Comment by Demi
2012-05-31 18:41:19

Who could even imagine that a man who went by the name “Devil” or those that associated with him might have used blasphemy? That seems so out of character from what we know of him :eek:

Comment by Hogdog
2012-05-31 19:57:15

Mr. Costner and Company have brought great honor to the family names of Hatfield and McCoy. For such an ominous story of our American Heritage, it is impossible to be 100 % accurate. The Civil War itself was no different. Historians will be uncovering facts about this feud for years to come. Thank you Mr. Costner and HUZZAH to you !!!

Comment by Amanda Lancaster
2012-05-31 22:21:21

I also didn’t know about the Hatfeilds and the McCoy fued. I found it very interesting and thought the movie was excellant. I have done a lot of research about it since I have watch the series. I’m very glad these actors are doing movies about our history in America. Another great historical movie I have seen was by Robert Redford “The Conspirator”. I also learned alot about history that I did not know with that movie. Great Job History Channel!!! Please keep making great historical movies and mini series!!!

Comment by M Lyn
2012-05-31 23:14:09

I have my both of my 4th great grandfather’s hand-written journals. They spoke very differently than we do today–the writing is very different as well. But why are we getting caught up in trivial details?? Many people are missing the point of this movie, at least what I think is the point. How many lives were destroyed by hate, pride and vengeance?! What a tragedy for these people. May we never repeat it.

Comment by southern HILLBILLY lady..
2012-06-01 00:12:52

LOVED IT..Hats off to the whole crew. I live about 30 minutes from Pikeville,Ky. Been there many many times. And some of us still use ya’ll, yonder, and howdy. :yes:

Comment by The Professor
2012-06-01 00:31:24

One only need to read civil war journals, or even the journals of Lewis & Clark’s Corps of Discovery crew to realize written & spoken words by uneducated young men were sorely lacking in the area of proper grammar.

Add to that some moonshine, guns and distorted religious views and you have a 19th century version of young men that aren’t too far off from the Taliban (yes, you saw the men beating their women too).

Moral of the story: Get educated, treat your ladies with respect, don’t drink and steer clear of religious whackos.

Comment by Wayne brod
2012-06-01 00:42:42

Yes, that gieco commercial sucked pretty bad. The show opened my eyes to the story I never knew about, just heard.

Comment by Wayne brod
2012-06-01 00:45:42

Would you have been happier if the story was told in a “Leave It To Beaver” dialogue?

Comment by Wayne brod
2012-06-01 00:55:50

What kind of education do you have? The dialogue wasn’t that hard to understand. You need to learn to fill in the blanks. Despite the language of the era and location, uneducated poor people, moonshine and gun slingers and hunters; the history did a good job making the dialogue easy to understand.

Comment by Mike
2012-06-01 01:53:55

with all due respects, as a screenwriter in training,life often needs some spicing up, movies are, if you will, a highlight reel of the stories told. After reading the actual history of what happened and how it started, I feel the film makers were generous to BOTH sides of the families. What happened to your ancestors was horrific and I feel you. But movies points are to entertain first and foremost, educate secondly and thirdly to enlighten some basic human theme. I feel they did all three. In this case the theme is that war is pointless and accomplishes nothing but blood shed.

What was NOT showed in the movies would’ve been more hurtful to your side of the feud. Not a single mention of the salves that BOTH families owned. As a writer I understand why, it would’ve taken emotions away from the central characters.
The Civil War never really ended for the two families and the underlying hostilities came from the choosing of different side on the issue. As a Black man I can say without fail the Civil War was NOT about freeing slaves, as I believe your patriarchal ancestor thought, it was about keeping the country intact.
Lincoln himself had said that if there was a way for him to keep the country together and leave the slave as slaves, he would’ve done so. I find that rewriting of history equally sad. However, politically, he had no choice.

It must be rather odd to see your family’s lives played out of screen. But someone had to consent and Im sure were compensated. I for one am glad the feud is over, the movie even taught me something about forgiveness in the end, when Costner says, “Someone got to bend, McCoy is capable, so I will.” That told me what I need to do, see my own mom and I have been at odds over her not apologizing to me wife for something she said. 6 months of barely speaking to the woman that gave me life, I am as stubborn as she is, as stubborn as your and the McCoy ancestors were, but upon hearing that line, I also realize that my mom, “just isn’t capable of bending.” This personal family feud is also going to end. I’m calling her tomorrow.
Take care of your self, try to look past the profanity, and see it as a piece of entertainment, and possibly a learning tool as well.
Love and light to you and yours
Mr Hatfield.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-01 03:34:54

I had the same problem. I thought because English is my second language. I am from Turkey and even we know Hatfield&McCoy feud.I am so glad I did not imigrate during that time.:)

Comment by Tuck
2012-06-01 04:27:11

So your saying that it’s dispicable that they were shown to be foul mouthed but you have no issue with them being murders…. ok???

Comment by Rob
2012-06-01 07:11:53

Perhaps some of the vulgarity was added for “entertainment” purposes. I guess we will really never know how much vulgarity previous generations used unless it is presented in some written documentation. The show did present the Hatfields as being more violent by nature and less law abiding and God fearing. The McCoys seemed to be more God fearing and victimized. It is amazing that these two families get along today and I am happy to hear this…what a different world the US was only one century ago.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-01 07:47:00

My husband is also related to Anderson Preacher Anse Hatfield. Was very disappointed they used Valentine Wall Hatfield as the Judge. Not historically correct. :-( Just goes to show you can’t trust the movie makers.

Comment by Ruth
2012-06-01 07:58:59

Well put. My husband is also related to Anderson Preacher Anse Hatfield. Was very disappointed the movie makers had Valentine Wall Hatfield as the Judge. Historically, very incorrect.

Comment by Pammy
2012-06-01 08:59:21


Before you send you posts out for everyone to read, you should proofread it. A screenwriter is not going to be hired if there are spelling errors; some of your post was hard to read, because of it.

Comment by matt
2012-06-01 09:19:40

This was a very good movie loved it all the action and killing

Comment by dave
2012-06-01 12:59:14

Just to add to this, an old Civil War era euphemism for the services of prostitutes was “horizontal refreshments.” You might use that at a family gathering and the little ones wouldn’t understand. It also depended on how much “likker” you had in you. Some things never change. Check out the chapter “Speech Ways” in the book “The Seeds of Albion,” and you’ll get an idea how people talked in Appalachia. There were few Puritan taboos until the 20th century. They spoke an earthy dialect. Small children were fondly called “little shits.” In the book, they say that a back country grannie would say kindly to a little child, “Ain’t you a cute little shit.” Sexual terms found there way into place names on maps until Victorian revisionists erased them from the maps. I wish I could include two of the samples in the book, but I’m sure neo-Puritans would get upset.

Comment by Joseph
2012-06-01 13:12:22

Thanks for the book reference Dave, you “little $hit” :p I’ll have to check out that book. The language transition from European settlers to Appalachian mountain colonies is interesting.

I do feel this mini-series may trigger interest in feuds & other community struggles from all over. This is real history after all. The world is chocked full of senseless conflicts and it would be good to put them in the spotlight.

This is history at it’s best.

Comment by PL
2012-06-01 13:41:14

I thought it was great and I didn’t initially want to watch it! My husband started it and hooked me right away. There seems to be people who think shit and damn and bastard are vulgar. If you live in today’s world, you will find these words are tame in comparison.
Also, men swore back then just as they do today…that is fact.
This was not a documantary. This is a ficticious mini series based on true stories. They had to keep it entertaining as well. Of course the accents will not be absolute nor may be every single fact. Again, this was made for entertainment people.
I thought it was excellent!

Comment by Joseph
2012-06-01 13:59:14

Let’s face it. All this talk of cursing in this mini-series is nonsense. History must be kept in context. Fast forward 100 years and what do you have: Expanded populations of more religious people in West Virginia & Kentucky. This is very typical for rural American communities that have grown and learned from their past. While curse words may not have been so shameful back then, they are today (at least in public forums) by conservative Christians.

I am from Missouri, where the likes of outlaw gangs like that of the Jesse James gang once roamed. Such outlaws are by and large the exception, and I would think the Hatfield & McCoys are an exception in West Virginia & Kentucky as well.

Shocking as events may have been, they did happen with harsh words…that’s our history. For better or worse, be proud of it.

There is no question communities have learned and grown to become more tolerant. At the end of the day silly feuding doesn’t amount to a pile of beans.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-01 15:13:21

it just came to me… all this complaining of profanity during the movie…most say that no one talks this way anymore… appearently those of you complaining have not watched some of the outlandish reality tv programs aired during prime time.. thier words are censored so much i think my microwave alarm is going off. If they had done a reality show of this back then I feel it would be the same. Another thing… have you not done any research on Deadwood, South Dakota back in its early settler days… it was very rough and murderous town and the language back then was just as foul if not worse than what was portrayed in the movie.

Comment by vanguardjag
2012-06-01 18:37:16

Another case of “straining at the gnat while ignoring the camel”. I
never cease to be amazed at the
number of folks complaining about
a few non-gratuitous foul phrases
while not even mentioning all the
murders that took place. Ha, talk
about misplaced priorities. Damn,
uh…oops,I meant darn,’scuse me!

Comment by Rachele
2012-06-01 21:18:45

Are you really annoyed with the cursing? We’re talking 1800s in KY and WV, cursing was in the vocab idiots. And as for those who say they couldn’t understand it, it was pretty simple, maybe you should get your ears checked. And another thing, while some people today do have some serious accents, it’s not all of us. Speaking as a KY resident, I know that I’ve never had an accent as such and neither has a great deal of the people I’ve known.

Comment by Readin Ritin Route 23 North
2012-06-01 22:34:35

My husband is a Hatfield relative. My family is originally from Pike County Kentucky. My husband and I so enjoyed the movie. I hated for it to be over. As a Christian, many parts of the story were difficult to watch, but the most sad was the Randall McCoy lost his faith and died mad at God. I hope in real life he came to realize that God didn’t cause the tragedies in his life. Bad choices by humans caused them.

Comment by Dala
2012-06-01 23:52:29

:blankstare: Really you were going to watch this with your girls? “after all it is about family” What was about family? It was about two families killing each other. If you thought it was something else then you are really clueless about this little part of American History. You should have watched a preview or two,you would have known from that,that there was blood & guts & adult words. If the History Channel were true to history it would surely say & show worse things than this little moment in history did.

Comment by Sick of Ignorance
2012-06-02 13:00:42

This movie has definitely inspired me to learn more about this historical family feud.I’d really like to read the book. I think the actors/producers did an excellent job on the movie and I was completely addicted to it until I finished the 3 part series. I feel bad for these “so called, self proclaimed descendants” for posting such ignorant comments on the language, profanity, etc. How on earth could they possibly be SO SURE that they know how their relatives spoke back then?? If they are so inclined as to announce that they are in fact associated/related to these families, then they need to understand that they are subject to scrutiny. That’s just life. Those people make me sick. Great job Costner!!!! I absolutely loved it!

Comment by MaryEllen Harmon
2012-06-02 14:34:36

I blame all the trouble on “Uncle Jim”. If someone had killed him early a lot of the events wouldn’t have happened.

Comment by Hogdog
2012-06-02 15:28:57

I totally agree with you “sick of ignorance”.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-02 16:10:21

It was an Awesome movie! There are a couple of parts I would have left out (sex stuff) but all in all I really enjoyed it. I didn’t have any trouble understanding what they were saying. I grew up in South Point Ohio (borders Kentucky and West Virginia). In my opinion, the accents were well done.

Comment by Dennis Meeks
2012-06-02 16:28:22

Uncle Jim received a lot of blame in the movie, but there was no solid evidence he committed the murder of the Union soldier. Many suspect it was done by Logan’s Raiders, and he was a member, but there were many others in the area who could have done the killing.

To those commenting on the nickname ‘Devil Anse’ he got the name when he was young because he was a ‘devil of a hunter.’ He kept the name to distinguish him from his cousin ‘Preacher Anse.’

Comment by history fan
2012-06-02 18:00:46

:yes: I also would like to learn more about the historical facts of the feud. I’ve always been fascinated with history and books tend to uncover more details of actual events. I’ll jump on the bandwagon of commenting about those that were offended by the language/accents…are you serious? That’s what you took away from that excellent program, bad language and wrong accents? It was a brutal life during a hard time and for the most part, from what I can ascertain from other references, by in large it was historically accurate. Hard to imagine the hatred that existed for those families during that time. I enjoyed learning that today, family members of the two clans actually celebrate family reunions together.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-02 21:18:46

AMEN!!!! :yes:

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-02 22:42:05

U r a Nut

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-02 22:52:22

Please people. This movie is about human nature and human nature displayed in two familys that we’re living in a time and place when local authority’s were not prevailant.
There for the end result is actually mob justice fueled by pride, it is simple really and happens everyday still in places around the world where this same situation exists today.
We can not stand in judgement of things we do not understand until we have gained experiance in the matters.
In the end in any conflict the soldier beside you is your family

Comment by Dumplin
2012-06-03 02:37:17

As an Appalachian, I understood their dialect and accnts just fine. Although it was WAY OleFF. We talk just a little more “Elizabethian” than that. Also… I’ve studied this fued and the families, living amongst them and the area. I have to say, this series is seriously romanticized. According to local and true history, the conflict and fued wasn’t far off. However, there were SO, SO many things in this film that were made to please the viewers. For example the [love] affair between Johnses and Roseanna. According to the history that I’ve always been told and educated on, this is seriously ladden with drama. And just in case you are wondering… I am educated. I have a bachelors degree, master’s degree, and a third degree. I just don’t want outsiders to be fooled by popular media. Just my opinion!

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-03 02:51:09

C’mon man that is what you are concerned with? The language? Sure so you have a problem with curse words but not the killing I am glad
I’m a non believer of your lord.

Comment by Thrash
2012-06-03 02:54:24

Good good production loved it very sad that humans are capable of being so unforgiving and ruthless

Comment by Great Story
2012-06-03 02:59:48

Did you really just say that you “know” a lot of people that were born in the 1800’s? I call bullshit. And even if you do, I would place a bet in Vegas that they don’t talk like they use to. Wake up people. This is a different time. You don’t have a clue how these people were. Don’t try to say that you do cause guess what…You don’t. You were not there, none of us were there, we will NEVER understand what these people went through. Your not smart.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-03 09:27:54

I’m sure given the circumstances the language could have been worse. This is way they rate television shows and place warnings before the show begins. Be mature. I thought the show depicted Appalachian heritage very well!

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-03 09:29:32

I’m from Australia and just watched it, thought it was great but was the first I heard of the families feud . Also understood everything they were saying but I wouldn’t have a clue of the proper accents over there anyway.

Comment by tom
2012-06-03 12:35:33

I never new no Hatfield nor McCoy septin ol Doc McCoy from Star Treck. But here is what I do know; Those inbred, shit kickin, Skole chompin, Appalachian hillbillies shore new how to have good ol time. And I do agree that the hole bunch of em needed killin.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-03 17:56:12

Hey of any hatfield or McCoy could respond to this message. I’m from the UK but I love learning about American history, this story in
Particularly. I am how ever having trouble trying to learn the real story so it woul be great if a hatfield or McCoy could respond

Comment by Brittany
2012-06-03 20:44:40

:lol: I completely agree! These people killed dozens even women and children and the major concern here their swearing?
This I don’t understand? I would think the more pressing concerns would be how accurate this movie is compaired to what really happened during this time? I enjoyed this movie! This is about family and what LIFE was really like during this time period, truely enjoyable!!!! :lol:

Comment by LadyShea
2012-06-03 21:39:25

Though the most famous, this was not the only family feud in the area. Try the book “Days of Darkness; The Feuds of Eastern Kentucky”

Comment by JR
2012-06-04 09:43:39

Well… many historical events are somewhat clouded over time. I think Costner tries to be historically accurate in most of his work (JFK not included of course). As far as the language? Are you kidding me?? I feel the language was fine. The HBO series “Deadwood” by comparison used awful language. More “F-Bombs” than you would hear today at a street gang summit. I believe that folks back then were always trying to speak properly.. in spite of any lack of education. We use more slang today.

Comment by Pam
2012-06-04 15:25:42

I thought the movie was wonderful. There is no way of knowing exactly what was “said” and exactly what happened 140 years ago. All we can go by are the stories that have been handed down over the years and what was told in the newspapers at that time. However, the movie did depict the “feud” between the two families and gave millions of viewers some idea of what life in the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky was like back then.

I watched the entire mini-series and I will buy it when it comes out on DVD. I was born in West Virginia and I still live here. I will probably be here until the day I die.

It’s hard to imagine the kinship that families had back then and the extreme measure they took to keep their families together. Even though we don’t go to those extremes today, that closeness still exists in the families that live in my beautiful state of West Virginia.

Comment by Pammy
2012-06-04 18:45:07

I, too, loved the mini-series and will buy it on DVD. I wish that we could have learned from our ancestors, the extremes families went to keep all its members together. People use to care about one another, even when I was growing up; now it’s every man for himself.

Comment by Lisa McCoy Reid
2012-06-04 20:26:39

I am a McCoy and I also turned the television off early into the broadcast. We are in total agreement.

Comment by drew
2012-06-04 22:08:39

i didn’t think it was that vulgar?

Comment by Wayne
2012-06-05 20:04:20

Vulgar language? Are you kidding me, must be some bible thump’n wack a do’s here. As for people not being able to understand what they were saying, I had absolutly no problem. And for the accents, if they had the characters speak in 19th century uneducated hillbilly I don’t believe anyone would have watched it.

Comment by The Claw
2012-06-05 22:38:09

I can’t help but laugh at some of the comments here.

The language bothers people, but not the senseless murders?

Then there’s people whining, “they didn’t talk like that back then! I never heard my grandparents curse!” Did you ever see your grandparents have sex? I’m willing to bet they had sex and you never saw that happen either!

Comment by CS
2012-06-06 13:15:48

Enjoyed the mini series! Question though, what happened to Roseanna McCoy? Two stories I found! One says she died at 28 of a broken heart! What really killed her??? Her pregnancy says she lost it due to measles and another says the baby was born and died young! Also when I read on line what happened to Nancy McCoy it says she had 15 kids. Another says she divorced him and married the deputy! If anyone can clear it up for me I would appreciate it! I love history! My grandmother was born and raised in West Virginia!!! Thank u!

Comment by Reality
2012-06-08 21:47:28

Are you serious? Umm your family killed another family over a damn pig. Not to mention your family started the whole mess in the first place. And you have the audacity to say they werent vulger and obscene….im sure your family has definite first hand proof 5 GENERATIONS later. Yep your a Hatfield descendent lol

Comment by Reality
2012-06-08 21:52:45

Ummm its called English lol. Please tell me your not from Jersey because know one knows what your saying either lol

Comment by gloria christian
2012-06-09 00:25:54

Just a sad piece of History, Kevin & Bill were great, and this in no way was a Family movie, Put the the Disney Channel on if U want that, and Shut the GD UP !! LOL !

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-09 03:33:30

you’re dumb. I’m sure no one from back there EVER used “profane and vulgar” words.

Comment by Reality
2012-06-09 11:07:37

Its people like you that make Americans look like complete uneducated morons! You mean to tell me that everybody spoke the same throughout history? If you say no your even more dumb. Because that would contradict the fact that the way people spoke profane and vulgar language…..which would be different choice of words that are no longer used to be vular and profane. If you dont believe me drive through the worst ghetto (inner city, not trailer park redneck ghetto) and try and talk to someone(without getting hurt lol) and tell me if you can understand a damn thing they are saying. There are so many ways to be vulgar or profane in the language of ebonics that you would not understand. If you dont get my point then you have no hope and should never make a comment in a history blog ever again. WAKE UP! Dont be naive on history.

Comment by Anonymous Anse
2012-06-10 15:29:43

I don’t know why everyone is so upset by the language. Sorry but obviously people who went around murdering each other in cold blood were not saints who would have restrained from cussing! This goes for both sides! As for the accents, I have kin from WV and yes they did talk like that! The older folks talked just that way. I knew some who had been born in the 1800s-early 1900s in my lifetime. I think they did a good job of copying the vernacular and the story wouldn’t have been as realistic without it. In recent decades, TV and highways have made people in the hills more familiar with a more generic way of speaking, so they don’t have as much of an accent now, but it’s ridiculous to say they spoke with no accent and didn’t cuss in the 1800s! BTW this is a GREAT show, best thing I’ve seen on TV in years. Please make more like it!

Comment by Willam Hatfield
2012-06-11 16:39:58

So many on here claiming relation to the clan and I’ve only seen one post I can verify. My granddaddy is Troy, the son of Moss (who is the son of Johnse or “Johnson”) and Durley Allen-Hatfield. I watched the flick three times. While it’s not entirely accurate it is entertaining. Those getting upset about the language or the inaccuracies or the nuances about the accents are nitpicking.

Comment by Harmon Railey Mccoy
2012-06-12 11:31:08

This is the most one-sided portrayal of inaccurate fiction I’ve ever seen, everybody knows how dishonorable and bloodthirsty the Hatfield clan was. How much did the Hatfield estate pay for this travesty?

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-12 14:33:56

What the Hatfield and McCoys didn’t swear.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-17 02:26:35

Very well said, their misinterpretation of the old testament was very true. This also wasn’t a family show but a show about families, Families that hate. Total opposite of what the bible teaches. It seems that some people commenting (not all) on this mini-series seem like they are trying to side with one family or another. That is very biased and elementary. No one knows how anyone of these people were thinking or let alone saying for that matter. All we know is that a lot of innocent people died for a feud between TWO people, not two families. Thank God we live within a justice system.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-17 10:00:17

A few minutes? How can you come to that conclusion? I thought it was very well done, with balance.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-17 10:57:45

I loved the show watch it twice

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-17 21:31:04

i so agree with you …

Comment by Anonymous
2012-06-17 21:35:00

to the one that says he is not a believer of our lord … THE WORD SAYS EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND TONGUE CONFESS HE IS GOD … with that being said it is not ok to kill … but we all know that is what the feud was , common sence ..

Comment by Tommy2 guns
2012-06-18 09:05:15

Really… This guy claims he new people from the 1800s and knew how they spoke…lol Yeah right!! Movie was just fine.

Comment by Tommy2 guns
2012-06-18 09:15:02

It wasn’t over a pig , it started on the battle feild ,when” Ole Ran l “McCoy accused “Devil Anse “Hatfield of being a deserter. They both stood thier ground .

Comment by Preacher Anse's Kin
2012-06-18 21:57:11

Tommy 2 Guns, Randall didn’t serve in the Civil War. That was one of the many fictional elements. :hattip:

Comment by Preacher Anse's Kin
2012-06-18 22:05:59

Harmon Raily McCoy,
There is no historical evidence that shows that the Hatfields started the war. Devil Anse was the better business man. Randall and his lawyer cousin tried to cheat the smarter, literate Devil Anse. The McCoys falsely accused the Hatfields of theft and the Justce of the Peace, Preacher Anse, correctly ruled for the Hatfields.

There is no evidence, only rumor, that Jim Vance was even nearby when Harmon McCoy was killed. It is thought by some that Logan’s Raiders killed him, but, again, there is no evidence. :hattip:

Comment by Laura
2012-06-19 13:47:44

I totally agree with these comments. If you think people were civilized back then – read your history books! People have been swearing, drinkings, having sex outside of marriage, and murdering since the beginning o time.

Comment by Raquel
2012-06-20 01:50:55

I just watched all three episodes, very interesting insight on the nature of intolerance. Judging by the comments, people object to profanity but not to the murderous behavior of some of their ancestors? I didn’t notice the profanity (seriously? people still object to profanity at this day and age?), but did have a hard time understanding what they were saying; lucky that I was watching it on demand.

Comment by Asky
2012-06-26 19:52:40

I loved it, it was very well done and honestly even though descendants exists from both sides, no one really knows how they truly spoke, how they really talked. I stayed up till 2;30 just to watch it all, it was really good and I would watch it again! Including my new found interest and wonder in this feud. However I did read that it’s a joke between now members of both families thst they should be feuding and all the silliness done in the names. I think that’s a great disrespect for something that became so huge in these people’s lives in time that so much bloodshed resulted. I just think its a lack of respect for your ancestors! Great episodes though!

Comment by Joe
2012-07-21 14:49:05

Yep uncle Jim was bad but perry cline was much worse and mr cline was a snake in the grass, I new a lot of the history. Before the movie my mother is a hatfield , as fore the foul mouth they did talk like that
And the move did teach me to love my neighbor and look past the bule shit hate gets you no wear . :blankstare:

Comment by Pam
2012-07-21 18:34:49

In the movie, I noticed that the McCoy children called their father Poppy (maybe spelled Poppie). Do any of the McCoy relatives know the history behind that, like one of the oldest could not say Papa,called him Poppy/Poppie and the other children followed the example? I just thought that was unique; usually you hear Papa, Father, or Daddy.

Comment by Liz
2012-07-24 02:07:33

After reading everyones comments about the cursing in the movie, the one thing that stood out is how poor everyones spelling is. One hundred years from now anyone reading all the comments made will think we were a bunch of dummies!

Comment by Sardondi
2012-07-29 10:41:08

Regarding the remark about Asa Harmon retaining his slave Pete “after the Emancipation Proclamation”, do you contend that there was some legal effect to that fact? As I recall, the proclamation quite literally limited its effect to those territories whose citizens were actually at the time in rebellion against the United States. Indeed, President Lincoln literally noted in the proclamation those states and parts of states to which emancipation applied. Neither Kentucky nor West Virginia were included among them.

Consequently, the Emancipation Proclamation had no legal effect within Kentucky’s (or West Virginia’s) borders. And because the effect of the proclamation had been so severely and precisely proscribed, no Kentuckians of the day would have been under any misapprehension that their slaves had been freed by it. (It took the post-war ratification of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to do that.)

Any slave freed in Kentucky before ratification of the so-called Reconstruction Amendments (assuming there were no local martial edicts which predated them) would have been the object of an act of manumission by an owner, freed as it were by “an act of executive grace”, not by the operation of law.

Comment by kim
2012-08-01 21:36:33

:cool: it was about as accurate as it could get. I am. Related to devil anse, the omly problem.. it wasnt filmed where it happened

Comment by Debbie Padgett
2012-08-02 08:55:53

I love the show….and I am sure it was true to form as it could be, meaning handed down 140 years ago…As for the speaking, I understood every word…I thought Kevin and Bill did a great job…of course I love to see them act…I will buy the DVD and watch it over and over…I have become so interested in this feud, I am reading all the material I can find on the internet…Would love to see where it all happen and it has gone on my list of things to do….

Comment by annabell
2012-08-04 16:35:22

What about all the stuff the mccoys were hunting the hatfields before cotton accidently shot that’s why they set the house on fire in the frist place! I noticed you left a lot of stuff out in this story though! It still doesn’t make them anymore in the right!

Comment by quick weight
2012-08-05 15:49:24

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Comment by Buck McCoy
2012-08-17 13:47:52

I am a McCoy descendant from Kentucky and realize that the portrayal of the fued is exaggerated at points for entertainment reasons! No sense in getting all excited over how it makes the family look. I don’t feel this movie has any reflection on me, thank God. I thought it was great. Understand it’s a movie not a documentary.

Comment by Jerri
2012-08-19 01:33:53

I use yall yonder all the time its a part of life, I was borm in Chicago but my dad was from Braxton County in West Virginia and he is buried there, I live in Alabama, people here talk just the same, Yall, Yonder and a many more words not heard up north, its no big deal you know what they mean.

Comment by laura
2012-08-19 05:47:39

To all of you complaining of the language GROW UP. Stop being a cry baby….and to the discendents. Of either family, don’t admit that freely they were all inbread….but all in all it was a good movie

Comment by Paul
2012-08-19 08:47:10

Jason, I had a 5th grade teacher we called
Miss Hatfield. She was single at the time and had the very distinct accent. She told the whole class that she was from Kentucky. I remember clearly asking her..”Miss Hatfield, are you from the Hatfield family that is part of the….” and she interrupted me and said. “Yes, I am.” This was a DOD school in Naples, Italy in 1971. I remember Miss Hatfield as a very strict, no-nonsense teacher. School was very important. But she also had a very kind way about her.
Wished I could find what her first name is. I recently saw a class photo with her. Great memories.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-08-19 13:05:40

That’s realism for ya

Comment by Anonymous
2012-08-19 13:13:10

My great grandma was from northern wva and her daughter my grandma talked with that sort of accent they didn’t cuss though :)

Comment by Branden
2012-08-20 17:49:39

I personally thought the Series was Excellent. Before this I only knew of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s from a Country song. After watching the Series and doing a bit of Research it’s very interesting and truely a part of American History. As for the bad reviews, there not a Person Living Today that know’s all the facts and every event that unfolded back in mid 1800’s. I even bet the Hatfield and McCoy families living during that time didn’t have all the facts… You’re talking about cold bloody murders and gun battles that historians could “Never” Reenact Exactly. The Actors did a great job, and even the ending brings to light the sadness of the events that unfolded so many years ago from the hate of two families…

Comment by jello67
2012-08-25 00:46:51

We just finished watching the series and we loved it. The language didn’t bother me, but we did have trouble hearing the words..I think it’s the speakers on our TV that was the problem, so I turned on closed captioning (the same thing I do when watching something on the BBC)and we didn’t miss any of the dialog..Kudos to the History Channel.

Comment by joey
2012-08-27 23:04:54

I watched the show twice, and it is by far one “if not the best” American History story I have ever seen. That is a part of our history that alot of people never got to see. As simple as most people thing hillbillies are. This show was to me a good example of how simple people lived in those times. Back when a man’s word meant everything. And justice was done on their terms. They don’t make folks like that anymore. That was a real American History lesson for me!!

Comment by Anonymous
2012-09-02 16:35:31

I thought the movie was great.no more bad words than you hear when around a group of teens.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-09-08 02:35:33

I just watched the movie and thought it was rather good. Although after reading around, its obvious that not everything was true( as it is in any movie) but that’s not what makes it a good story, its the fact that its true. I think its great. That yalls families could come together.

Comment by wyatt Pickering
2012-09-08 02:45:38

Will everyone shut up! Was any of you there? No! Nit all the story’s in the world van prove one way or another. Just be happy with what we have.

Comment by TLM
2012-09-12 22:22:24

Are you really serious? You couldn’t understand the movie? The movie was unbelievable. Very well done. You need to watch it again and this time open your mind and ears and really listen.

Comment by Anonymous
2012-09-14 21:25:29

You planned on watching a movie about a bloody, violent family feud with your kids but turned it off because of the language used? Great parenting…

Comment by Ryan
2012-09-14 21:27:04

You planned on watching a movie about a bloody, violent family feud with your kids but turned it off because of the language used? Great parenting…

Comment by Anonymous
2012-10-19 08:58:24

who testified for the hatfields from the mccoy side? :angry:

Comment by carmilla
2012-11-04 19:16:34

My 4 x great grandfather was Valentine Wall Hatfield.

Comment by w wilson
2012-11-09 10:03:40

I too had a problem understand the accents but this did not detract from my enjoyment of the show. As a resident of central Scotland I have had to temper my accent on numerous occasions, to be understood. On the swearing point, it is probably the case that these people did not swear in everyday conversation. My Grandfather came from a remote mining village,served in the trenches in WW1, was a very hard man indeed but I never heard him curse. We will never really know of course. Terrific mini series. Thanks!

Comment by apaganplace
2012-11-12 17:02:11

Really enjoyed the show thought it was very well done , and being from Ireland myself wasnt to surprised to see both families left ulster in the 1750s to go over to start a new life. So trying now to find out where they lived here ???? any ideas ???

Comment by larry
2012-11-22 02:29:04

I know this is months after your comment, but having studied history of this time period greatly and living in the southeastern united states some 50 years, you are way off about the type of language they used. yes there was some rough language used in some instances, but not like portrayed in this movie. And to tell Edith, who says she is a descendent of that family she would haave no way to know how they talked seems pretty arrogant to me.

Comment by Rick Taylor
2012-11-23 22:24:15

Any single adult Hatfield women or MC Coy mcCoys around that want to meet a nice o/k guy from California?

Comment by Jenny
2012-12-02 23:22:11

This mini movie was filmed in Ireland. That’s probably why the accents were difficult for some folks to understand. Many/most of the less important actors were Irish actors…….

2012-12-04 10:32:51

Thanks For Blog :)

Comment by Cornelis Pels
2012-12-08 04:26:46

Yesterday I watched the whole story overhere in Holland and was very pleased. Perfect !

Comment by Tessa
2012-12-08 12:47:42

I like this response! :yes:

Comment by Tessa
2012-12-08 12:52:54

It didn’t show what response I was talking about.

Comment by LadyShea
2012-05-29 18:06:29
I’m sorry Edith, but there is no way you could possibly know how the Hatfields of that time spoke. And, as they were not above murdering children in their beds, why on Earth would anyone believe they were somehow above using naughty swear words?

Comment by jeff
2013-01-01 17:36:44

I am very surprised at the mention of vulgar language oh come on folks do some of you really believe people who actually go out and shoot to kill one another hold the line at cursing.. I think the the film even though it does not follow the story to the truest form interjected interest in these families and that is good as far as I am concerned they were important to the fabric of America and even though Appalachia years ago was so misrepresented, I would hope that this brings a revivival of interest to that area and people can truly appreciate who these hard working people of that area really are…

Comment by Sandy
2013-02-01 04:08:17

Sorry to necro but this is all too common. It doesn’t matter what you DO, as long as you don’t cuss while doing it.

I once gave a college “speech of persuasion” against the emotional abuse of children. In it I used “everything you touch turns to shit” and “you’re shit on legs” as examples. Two reviews downchecked the speech because I “swore”…twice. They ignored the impact such words have on children.

And, my fellow Southerners, “eh law” is just a way of saying “oh, Lord”.

Euphemisms are just sneaky cussin’.

Comment by Michelle
2013-02-03 13:31:12

Didn’t speak vulgarities but they shot and killed each others children!

Comment by miller
2013-02-06 11:58:35

I wouldn’t have wanted to live in this era. I can’t judge but I guess it would have done som crazy things to a mind to have lived through civil war. How sad to have this as your family legacy. I am thankful they were able to make ammends finally.

Comment by TERRY
2013-03-02 08:18:05

I am from pikeville ky.Lived here for 40 years,have grown up hearing the stories all my life.I did watch the movie on dvd.I personally enjoyed it.

Comment by scholastica
2013-04-23 19:04:26

Tom Berenger deserves the Emmy

Comment by McCoy
2013-04-24 10:53:46

Well, I am a McCoy from Georgia & I thought it depicted the fued honestly. I think Kevin Costner did a very good job. You have to understand that when “HISTORY” is made into an action feature… They will use the language, gestures, clothing and anything else that truly puts things into perspective for the viewers. Do I like hearing the language…no, but that’s life. I bet you can’t say that you’ve never said a few dirty words yourself now can you? Judge not less ye be judged & let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Comment by D
2013-05-08 10:24:45

To me the language helps with understanding how intense the feuds were.
I think I was a great movie!!! Don’t understand why people cry about language saying its disgusting how he makes the families look like potty mouths and had turn it off because there kids were watching, Com’on really they were murders they killed kids and your worried about language. But ill say it again great movie :skull:

Comment by Anonymous
2013-06-13 18:49:14

pssssttttt. there’s no walmarts in brooklyn. :eek:

Comment by Anonymous
2013-07-02 11:41:36

Yet you have no problem allowing them to watch hangings, throat-cutting, heads being blown and beaten off, etc… Your “morals” seem a bit misplaced.

Comment by Jessica
2013-07-21 03:00:50

I guess we didn’t watch the same show. I can’t recall much swearing on it at all.

Then again I just finished four seasons of Kitchen Nightmares so my swear meter may be broken.

Comment by Anonymous
2013-07-26 23:26:00

Same here. Im watching it noe

Comment by Anonymous
2013-07-27 17:50:41

I agree totally. You notice most times they talk vulgar is away from the women. which makes sense, the same it is today. You can never be sure of what was unless you were there. Could have been worse or less than recorded over time. both sides woukd want to stress their story and lot has been passed along by word of mouth or story and we all know how stories go. the acting was awesome, the set was awesome, its on tv.

Comment by Flowerbud
2013-07-29 11:32:38

Very well said !!! There is no one with out sin !

Comment by Chayne
2013-08-12 09:04:18

I believe the story line was as accurate as they could make possible. For those of you or related to either party should quite yourself, who’s to say they did or did not curse? I believe with someone who would want one dead and that much hatered fueled any mouth. The movie depicts a family hating another and how they would want each other dead. What would you rather have them do to get the veiwers attention? Have them sing you a luliby? It was a great movie

Comment by Chris Nome
2013-08-12 21:28:49

So what they used a little bad language doesn’t matter why all that matters is that it told the story to a t it was accurate more accurate then any other stuff that I have seen it is one of the best films I have ever seen and rather you people like it or not it is a part of American history and great part at that!!! id like to see more stuff like this I have always been a history buff cause I like to know what happened in this world!!!! so all you people complaining about the language shut up im sure you have cussed a few times in your life stop being a hipacrite!!!

Comment by Adam Baria
2013-09-01 16:02:40

My 5 x Great Grandfather was V. Wall…I’m descended from Almeida…

Comment by M. Stroober
2013-09-09 18:54:47

I can’t believe some of these comments. I’m from Holland and I just watched the series. I thought it was very good. I did not mind the bad language. In those days they probaly used the same language. It’s wonderful to see a part of history in the spotlights. The accents and the details can’t be exactly the same, because of a lot of reasons. And it’s not ment to be watched with your young children because it’s a story about murders! I did not know this part of history, and I’m thankful for the insight the show has given me.

Comment by J. McCoy
2013-10-21 17:51:29

I’m a McCoy and I agree completely. You expressed exactly my thought. Thank you, and a very decent movie.

Comment by Corin
2013-11-08 13:59:44

It’s not a family movie, it’s a movie about two families killing each other! I won’t let my two teenage sons watch it, just because of the scene where the McCoy boys get killed. Very well done movie, but any moron should know to pre-watch violent themed media before exposing underage kids.

Comment by Anonymous
2013-12-08 00:47:44

The only thing i can the end of the movies sucked why wood thes 2 family let that kid be hang

Comment by Kim Long
2014-01-19 07:51:09

I am only reading a bit about this story b/c I have connections to the Vance family but my son and I were watching and at on point we both said “what did he just say”. The accents were awful. I’m from northeast Louisiana and have never heard anyone from any part of the south talk with some of those accents. Better if the had just spoken in their normal voices. It’s a sad series of events and the show reflects that in the tone and feel.

Comment by Anonymous
2014-02-22 18:08:52

I agree…I am an Australian and not at all used to the accents used in the movies. I saw the series in a ling haul flight Sydney to Dubai. Understood the accents and lived the production. I agree with Cassie’s comments.

Comment by josaylor
2014-02-24 03:15:01

The Civil War was indeed about keeping the Union together but if it had not been for slavery there would have been no civil war and even Lincoln knew that slavery was a great wrong as did many in the north.

Comment by Maggie
2014-02-27 21:32:06

I keep seeing comments about how this is a family movie It’s about 2 families killing each other. How did you think this would be appropriate for your children to watch?? Did you think they would have everyone hugging and getting along?

Comment by Hugh Railey
2014-03-04 10:34:52

There were many that fought and died in the war that had never seen an African American person before the war. Many had been born and raised on 100 acre farms in hill country that was just enough for a family to farm. They fought because before the Civil War when a man talked about his Country, he was referring to his State not the United States, there was an understanding that it was strictly a common defense and economic union. These men did not accept mandates from other States(Countries in their thinking) over their Country, ironically, many did not think slavery was right either)(while correcting such an evil, the war also changed the role of the Central Government as one of Supremacy over the individual States, allowing more and more power over the years to the Central Government and less and less to the individual States.

Comment by Alan
2014-03-19 17:06:03

“Wall” Hatfield who was portrayed in History’s “Hatfields and McCoys” by Powers Boothe was no “Preacher Anse” or “Deacon” Hatfield. It was Valentine “Wall” Hatfield, eldest brother to “Devil Anse” and Ellison.

Comment by Al
2014-03-23 02:49:25

Lincoln himself stated that he wouldn’t have freed the slaves if he hadn’t been pushed to. The man lead to Union during a time of civil war, but that doesn’t make him a saint! Google it!

Comment by Antônio Norberto de Freitas
2014-04-13 17:09:28

Hello! I’m brasilian. I see this move, but I don’t know the history about. Your comment is tru? thanks for feedback. Greetings from Brasil.

Comment by Jack Williams(McCoy)
2014-07-22 10:33:32

I agree with you whole heartedly! Not only was the language not correct but the location, landscapes, costumes, ect. were not correct at all. You would think that some more investagation by the cast, crew, ect. would have ben in order it was in fact fillmed in eastern europe. I was born in verdonville and lived in Logan, Maitwan, Bluefield, Beckly and remember the coal camps where we were imprisoned so the whole romantic theme is a fabrication. Life in this area was hard then and it still is but that is another story. Thanks for your accurate description of this piece of crap film and may I say thay I turned it off after a couple of minutes in discust. Thanks for your comments, Jack.

Comment by Jack Williams(McCoy)
2014-07-22 10:39:46

I had intended to get e-mail comments from this site but did not ck. the box and I will do that now. Jack.

Comment by rick
2014-07-22 13:58:09

Right, but life back then was rough and vulgar. From what I understand it from my reading, it still is. I am visiting the Hatfield/McCoy areaS soon, this fall and hope that it is safe to visit and I won’t be strung up b/c I live in California.

Comment by James
2014-10-01 07:27:11

Because no one in history has ever spoken like that? Because vulgarism and obscenity was never in histroy it is simply a something invented in the mid 1900’s? I’m a little late to this party, however, how about enjoy it for what it is, and simply get off your high hourse of being offended and be a man.

Comment by TStripey
2014-11-03 10:31:33

I thought it was a great series! I enjoyed every minute of it and it left me wanting to know more which is how I came to be on this page. For entertainment purposes, I thought the acting, directing, photography, etc, were all done very well to include the script.

I find many of these negative comments here to be shallow. I watch movies now days and think there are many times when vulgar language is overly used but at no time did I even think about the language being used in this series while I was watching because the script flowed and made sense.

Why are so many of you hateful and arguing and using “!!”? If you turned it off after only a few minutes or half an hour then you missed a great show but then you are probably not the kind of person that appreciates a good film/movie/show/script. Maybe you just need to read a history textbook because this was a TV series that brought to life for entertainment purposes this history making-shocking-family feud. Did the actors look “just like” the real people? Probably not, because once again it is a movie for entertainment purposes trying to depict a historical event so yes they probably got “prettier” people that makes for better entertainment, right?
Take it for what its worth. It was a great series. I loved it!

Comment by sam
2015-01-07 02:51:29

People. It’s just a movie. They could not and never will be able to tell it like it was. As far as the actors doing their job goes, they did great. If you couldn’t understand their accents and tell who was randal and devil anse then watch something else. Lol you act like they were speaking Creole lol.awesome movie. If the hatfield were portrayed correctly then I would’ve supported the Hatfield’ s. According to the movie they weren’t the hypocrits.

Comment by ste c
2015-01-09 17:37:35

In most of the history their are lots of rumors of what went on unless their are signed confessions or eye wittnesses who were their can confirm what it was about before the murder look at my country and all the rumours ho jack the ripper was like boardwalk empire it is to entertain and give u some knowlage but create a story line to glamorise it and that proramme was realy good but strayed away from the truth and im sure both of these familys didnt go through allthat suffering just for are entertainment

Comment by Mike
2015-10-30 22:40:30

Use closed captioning dork, ;)

Comment by Carmen
2015-12-01 07:58:22

Seriously? You were worried about your kids being exposed to some bad words as opposed to all the violence and murder? Wow.

Comment by Mike M.
2017-04-27 14:06:12

Late to the party here, but my two cents:

1) This is a modern portrayal about historical events that occurred a century and a half ago.

2) The producers wanted the best actors they could get their hands on. Kevin Costner has a “normal” modern American accent. As do most of the other actors. It’s hard enough finding top-rated actor like Costner out of a total national population of 300 million. The likelihood of finding a local actor with a more realistic accent, with the acting skills the producers we’re looking for? This project would never have gotten off the ground.

3) Profanity? There wasn’t any. This was on cable television. “God damn,” “for God’s sake” is not profanity. Your “Christian” values don’t get to be projected onto everyone else. As for language back then, they certainly would have used “fuck,” and “shit.” You can’t have people witness a bloody civil war that killed a 20th of the national population, go through a bloody family feud, and not expect some profanity.

3) As others have said, if all you are worried about is the language due to your delicate little “Christian” sensitivities and not the bloody violence, rape, and incest….You’re absolutely insane!

2017-07-24 19:45:26

After watching all episodes, I then started googling and reading the stories. If they wanted to really follow the real story,the 1st thing I looked up was “what had happened to Nancy & Jefferson’s mother and the child she was carrying”. Here to learn she married Perry Cline. I suspected a love story but Rosanna and Johns, that was as far away the truth as the love story on the newest Titanic. The love story was far more with Nancy and Johns especially since they had 3 kid’s together before she left for Frank Phillips. As for the language, we must of watched a cleaned up version, the only bad thing we heard was at the voting grounds where Ellison Hatfield was attacked. The 1 made the comment about a woman seeing a man’s erection for the first time. THAT scene could of been played out better. If you put in all the stabbings then they should of continued with the truth that Ellison was shot twice in the back. Otherwise I found it interesting and learned even more since it aroused my curiosity even more than I had about the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s from signs on the Hwy, going to and coming home from Virginia Beach. Now the next time we go we’ll leave time to go take the full tour and visit their graves especially Mrs.McCoy and Mrs.Hatfield, they were surely two very strong woman.

Comment by Dannilynn McCoy
2017-10-10 03:06:38

Ha ! No kidding , I think cussing was one of thier least of sins .

Comment by Brian
2017-12-27 17:01:31

🤥Ken🤥 –
This makes twice in 24 hours that I’ve had to call someone out for casting aspersions on NYC, where I live. These are my people you’re talking about. They don’t curse anymore here than people do anywhere else. You claim to have heard people cursing at a Walmart in Brooklyn? NYC, including Brooklyn, has never had a Walmart.

You’re in the same category as the guy who claimed he saw a documentary on people making their livings by panhandling, with one particular person going to a NYC bus terminal to stash his suit in a locker there, to change into his rags, to play the part of a beggar. Bus terminals in NYC don’t have lockers. They were all removed decades ago because of fears terrorists might use them to hide bombs.

Comment by happy wheels
2018-01-03 14:23:56

I’ve read this story many different times. Except for the dates the stories all seem kind of the same. The murder of Asa Harmon McCoy, the pig and trial, Rosanna Mct Coy and Jonse Hatfield, and the New Years Day Massacre, all come up in every story. This story feel even sadder to me now that I see it being acted out as life. I would also like to know how close did this story come to truth. How long did this feud actually last and what actually brought it to an end?

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