Metal detectors strike again

This time Sussex is the game, and a 1500-year-old Saxon burial is the game. Two metal detectorists with names that sound like late night motel aliases (Bob White and Cliff Smith) have found the graves of 2 women and a man, complete with remarkable artifacts.

The most impressive grave contained the remains of a female, an unusual bronze bowl, gilded brooches and silver belt decorations.

The male was buried with a spear and shield.

The skeletons are off to be dated and studied. Their ultimate destination is a local museum, which makes me wonder if they’re pre-Christian and if so, is Arthur Pendragon on the case yet.

Here’s the only picture of the artifacts I could find. They’re the gilded brooches found in one of the women’s grave.

Apparently Cliff and Bob did an excellent job of respecting the site, and they say they’re not looking for a treasure reward. Assuming that’s true, finger snaps for Cliff and Bob.

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