So I finally finished reviewing one out of three segments on last night’s History Detective. It took me longer than I expected and the entry is WAY longer than I expected.

Going forward, I might pick a favorite segment instead of doing a full review, otherwise I know I’ll get bogged down. Or I could save it for weekends. I often have a helluva time finding new stories on weekends, and I’d have plenty of time to while away on prolix prose.

What do y’all think? Should I bag the whole thing and stick with the finds?

5 thoughts on “Hmm…

  1. I hope you’ll keep up the reviews. I love the show but rarely get to see it. I don’t mind waiting for the weekend either.

  2. If it prevents you from blogging other things I’d rather you gave it a miss, since we don’t get the programme here and I don’t have the patience for too much stop/start/stop/start on youtube et al.

  3. We all enjoy the reviews and weekends would be fine. You may have problems finding stories on weekends (don’t we all) be we also have problems finding anything fresh to read on weekends.

    The End is Coming
    History will be Back…
    also on History News Network (

  4. I think you should write whatever tickles your fancy at the time. At least half of what makes your writing enjoyable (to me) is the exuberent interest which seeps from each post. Like watching live music where the musicians have their eyes closed and are just grinning to themselves. They don’t care what the audience thinks, they are playing because they enjoy it. I see that at jazz shows more often than other music but regardless of genre it never fails to make me grin. Tis a beautiful thing.

    So if the show is what’s on your mind when you sit to write, then write about the show. If it isn’t, don’t. Judging from the comments above, you’ll have readers regardless.

    Just my 1 cent. :boogie:

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