Better. Stronger. Faster.

As previously threatened, I am officially marking The History Blog’s passing the six million pageviews milestone with a Steve Austin reference. That’s really the only reason I’m even announcing this particular milestone. One million I announced because it’s a big deal; five million because we got there a lot faster than I expected. The six million figure only means anything to me because to this day I remain inordinately fond of the Six Million Dollar Man, especially the intro. Also, that Lee Majors could wear the hell out of suits both track and leisure.

35 thoughts on “Better. Stronger. Faster.

  1. Six million, a few reasons: You publish everyday, a very wide variety of topics, good graphics and your contempt for looters would be my favorite. Congrats on the number.

    1. Thank you kindly, norm. Sometimes I fear my lust for high resolution images has cross the line into a full-blown dragon-chasing addiction, but then I find a really great picture and forget all about it.

  2. LOVE this blog. It’s my favorite among several that I follow.
    Love the heck out of this post.
    Congrats on 6 million!

  3. Congratulations!

    I once worked on a tv commercial where an actor wore the orange jumpsuit Col. Austin wore in the opening sequence. I touched it. That’s right. I. Touched. The. Actual. Jumpsuit. And we walked it around the set like the holy grail for all to behold.

  4. Great, from around the world fresh news! Gorgeous high resolutions photos!I don’t know how you are surviving without adds but I love this site!

  5. My Steve Austin action figure stands proudly on a shelf across the room, so my admiration for this blog has only reached new heights by this post.

  6. Probably my favorite blog, year after yearโ€”and I’m always reading 30 or 40. But was there ever a time when it was a blog barely alive?

    1. There was, actually. I had a false start in June of 2006. Those first entries were so short as to be basically just links to news stories, and I contented myself with whatever trash thumbnail image was in the linked article. I lost interest after a few entries and didn’t pick it up again for almost a year and a half. But we rebuilt him! We had the technology!

  7. Zomg. I hadn’t thought of that engine block in probably three decades but pop! There it is in the mind’s eye, complete with awkward arm articulation.

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