Caesar 2 years before the assassination

Divers in France have found a marble bust of Julius Caesar tentatively dated 46 B.C. in the Rhône river. If the date pains out, that would make this the oldest surviving portrait of Caesar.

It’s no idealized representation, either. His age shows, and it only ads to his hotness.


There were some other marvels nestled in the murky depths of the Rhône.

Among other items in the treasure trove of ancient objects is a 5.9 foot marble statue of Neptune, dated to the first decade of the third century after Christ.

Two smaller statues, both in bronze and measuring 27.5 inches each also were found, one of them, a satyr with his hands tied behind his back, “doubtless” originated in Hellenic Greece, the ministry said.

“Some (of the discoveries) are unique in Europe,” Culture Minister Christine Albanel said. The bust of Caesar is in a class by itself.

They’re not done diving, so there may be more treasures to be found.

8 thoughts on “Caesar 2 years before the assassination

  1. What an awesome story! How do you find these?

    I wonder why it often takes such a long time between the times of discovery and the public announcement.

    1. I has tipsters. :giggle:

      I have no idear what causes the lag between find and story sometimes. A lot of times finds don’t make the news until the people behind the dig send out a press release, but I don’t know why some of those press releases come out weeks or even months after the find.

  2. You know, living here in what was Judea Capta, we Israelis don’t have great sympathy for the Roman emperors. But somehow this bust, showing Caesar in his plain humanity (and yes, manliness), gives me a different impression of him.

    1. Perhaps if it were a bust of Titus you’d have a less sympathetic reaction.

      Vespasian looks sort of portly and unremarkable on the Iudea Capta coin, after all, but given what’s on the other side, it even makes me want to slap him around a little, and I’m a Roman fangirl.

  3. I am Spanish! Pues no tengo ni idea de hablar ingles, pero si se leerlo y comprenderlo, es increible este descubrimiento, Buen blog!

    1. Perfecto! Yo no hablo español pero puedo comprenderlo porque hablo italiano. 😀

      I agree, this discovery is really incredible. Thank you for the compliment on the blog. :thanks:

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