On the Origin of Seafaring (and other stuff)

Colgate University archaeologist Dr. Albert J. Ammerman, is known for his work on the origins of Rome and Venice. He also discovered two ancient campsites on the coast of Cyprus which suggest some very ballsy Syrians and Turks hit the open sea for fishing thousands of years before the island was permanently inhabited.

To hear Dr. Ammerman talk about this find in detail and other work he’s done in Italy, check out this fantastic podcast from a Colgate series: Download

It’s a fascinating glimpse into the interdisciplinary, detailed and creative nature of archaeology.

2 thoughts on “On the Origin of Seafaring (and other stuff)

  1. Seafaring is generally associated with E1b1b Somalids

    In Italy our heaviest E1b1b population centers are on the coasts, it doesn’t matter if its Northern Coasts or Southern Coasts, up until Genoa E1b1b is still presistant at a strong 24% of the modern population!

    In Syria, Cyprus & coastal Turkey those folks were the same people that moved to the Balkan Coasts & later Italy.

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