Calling in sick

I am in the merciless grip of a stomach bug so the first time that I can recall, I’m going to have to take a sick day. Try not to miss me too much.


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Comment by Marnie
2016-01-25 22:56:14

Get well soon. I miss your articles.

Akron, OH

Comment by John R
2016-01-25 23:04:06

Fluids, fluids, fluids and rest. Take care and thanks for your work.

Comment by Petrea Burchard
2016-01-25 23:18:39

Too late, I already miss you.

Comment by Penny
2016-01-26 00:14:16

So sorry! Get well soon. :(

Comment by Shannon
2016-01-26 00:19:35

Oh! Please get well soon! And take what time you need, no matter how much we miss your posts…

Comment by Jim
2016-01-26 00:19:51

Get well soon, Livius!

Comment by Preston McCullough
2016-01-26 00:21:16

I hope it’s not the black plague. Not much hope if you get that bug.

Comment by Ewa
2016-01-26 00:25:24

Get well soon! Treat yourself well!

Comment by C. A.
2016-01-26 00:59:35

This is without precedent in all the years I’ve followed this blog. Please get well, we need you!

Vale, Livius! Be well. Imperative mode. As a command

Thank you for all you do for us through this blog. I’m not exaggerating that if we could bring to you what we could, you would be drowning in chicken soup.

Comment by Lauriana
2016-01-26 01:23:39

Get well soon!

Comment by Beverly Short
2016-01-26 02:12:06

Get your rest. We will miss you.

Comment by Maria
2016-01-26 02:55:13

I hope you feel better soon!

Comment by G.B.A.
2016-01-26 04:22:27

Rise, friend, rise again and take your rightful place near the altar, under the bridge, by the temple, over the hill, on the throne (!)….oh hell. Just keep fluid in (as above), and when you feel unchained from that porcelain (or what have you) throne, and the shakes and fevers wear off; get back to all of us! Yours, G ;)

Comment by PARGP
2016-01-26 04:38:54

Get well soon!

Comment by K
2016-01-26 06:31:35

You are not fooling me. You just had too much haggis

Comment by Vera Narishkin
2016-01-26 06:53:40

Wishing you a quick and full recovery.

Comment by rita Roberts
2016-01-26 08:00:05

Oh dear me, the dreaded tummy bugs. I hate them.
Take care, wrap up warm in front of the fire and watch T.V. There is bound to be some good programmes on to take your mind off it. Your brilliant posts will surely be missed.

Comment by CinTam
2016-01-26 08:35:32

Sorry to hear that you’re feeling ill and hope that you feel better very soon. :yes:

Comment by Kurtgun11
2016-01-26 08:41:44

This was foretold. It is minor and will subside now. The guilt of calling in is what you are now feeling. Now what am I supposed to read about? I may be in a panic. I think I am sick now.

Comment by Sarah Morgan
2016-01-26 08:52:52

But Rick will miss you so much :evil:

Seriously, take care of yourself and get well soon!

Comment by CBlacker
2016-01-26 09:04:36

So sorry you are under the weather, hope you recover very soon.

Comment by Liam
2016-01-26 09:13:05

Take care, and get well soon.

Comment by Maaiqe
2016-01-26 09:14:05

Sorry to hear it. Get well soon!
And now that I’m commenting anyway I’ll take the opportunity to thank you for your wonderful work on this blog; I’ve been following it for a while now and I absolutely love it!

Comment by mistory
2016-01-26 09:25:13

Please get well.
I noticed you put this under the category of
“Ex Cathedra” – “from the seat” or “from the chair”. Is this an indication of what is ailing you? It congers up visions of you enthroned upon a porcelain stool dispatching all in haste.

Comment by dearieme
2016-01-26 09:30:38

History is made today. Sadly. GWS.

Comment by Renee Yancy
2016-01-26 09:33:47

So sorry to hear it. Get well soon.

Comment by Tom
2016-01-26 10:11:32

Get well soon!


Comment by The Jannie
2016-01-26 10:12:14

Take care and keep hydrated; we’ll be waiting for you to spring (all right, crawl) back onto our screens!

Comment by Kevin Grenier
2016-01-26 10:15:12

Sorry to hear the news! Why do I suspect we’ll be seeing more medical and porcelain posts in the future? :) Get better!

Comment by Rebecca
2016-01-26 10:23:24

Take care of yourself for as long as you need. We will miss you, but history will still be there when you feel better. i wou bring you tea and run to the drugstore for you if I could.

Comment by bort
2016-01-26 11:03:40


Comment by Wendy Caton Reed
2016-01-26 11:09:51

we all wish you well. I miss my morning read. Get well soon!

Comment by cliows
2016-01-26 11:32:56

oh no what am I going to do, I need my morning fix!

Comment by Katherine Dhalle
2016-01-26 11:47:30

Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you get well soon!!

Comment by Mike Benz
2016-01-26 11:48:21

This is a good time to wish you well and to say that your blog is one of a handful I consult every day. So I WILL miss you today.

Comment by Emily
2016-01-26 12:22:02

Take care, and be well soon. Fluids, rest, as this is not a trivial matter. We all miss you!

Comment by Cynthia
2016-01-26 12:26:23

Enjoy the rest! See you back soon, I hope.

Comment by Mary
2016-01-26 13:09:59

Oh I am sorry hope you are feeling better soon. I do miss you too.

Comment by John Cooper
2016-01-26 13:28:55

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

Comment by Thomas Hazlewood
2016-01-26 13:46:14

As the only one in my household who is NOT suffering the same, I understand completely :(

Comment by Perry Lane
2016-01-26 14:09:00

Take good care of yourself; your work is appreciated.

Comment by Robin
2016-01-26 14:53:24

So sorry to hear you are unwell. I was ill in early December and the “stomach bug” this year seems to hang on. Take good care of yourself.

Comment by Sebastian
2016-01-26 15:54:30

Things like that are nasty :-(
You have my sympathy!
Get well soon!
Don’t worry about us, we’ll manage – if barely ;-)

Comment by Old Salt
2016-01-26 17:27:26

Take your time and get better soon…we’ll be here, waiting!

Comment by Caius Eucalyptus
2016-01-26 17:46:18

“By Jupiter, I’ll have the cook whipped” – Get well and try to avoid groups of practitioners:


2016-01-26 17:46:22

Hope the flu ebbs sooner rather than later and that you are once-again “flush” with good health.

Your daily posts are a tonic for my morning grumpiness.

Comment by Cheryl
2016-01-26 19:14:45

We most definitely miss you and our daily dose of history. I hope you feel better soon!

Comment by Rowan
2016-01-26 19:38:23

Take care of yourself with plenty of rest and hydration. However long it takes for you to feel better please use to rest. Will miss your writing in the meantime, but look forward to whatever you have in store for your return.

Hang in there!

Comment by Susan
2016-01-26 19:53:03

Although I will miss your daily dose of enlightenment and entertainment, I can hardly begrudge you a sick day. Get well soon

2016-01-26 20:39:26

I do hope you are feeling better tomorrow dear. I’ve found this blog to be most entertaining and informative. If you have a cat just grab it and make a pot of tea and hunker down to wait it out. I’m sending all the energy I can to you.

Comment by A.J.K.
2016-01-26 21:40:58

:( Get well soon!

Comment by Baby Bottle
2016-01-27 03:16:13

So sorry! Get well soon

Comment by jane
2016-01-27 08:21:46

Simply want to say your article is as surprising.

Comment by Honore Melmoth
2016-01-27 09:56:34

Hope you’re up and back at the computer keyboard very soon!

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