A Portrait of the Blogger as a Sick Puppy

With profuse apologies to James Joyce.

When you sweat the bed first it is warm and then it gets cold. Claaammy, Claaaaamy, Clammy’s in love. Kick them off! Kick them off! Ah, air. No no too cold. Covers. Covers and hot water bottle. Hug hot water bottle. Mmmmm warm… Why do my ribs hurt? I think I smell weird. Yeah, I definitely smell weird. Sweat. Gross. Fluids, fluids, fluids, bed rest. The water’s too cold. The tea is too hot. Oh god not sweat again. I ALREADY SMELL WEIRD.

Warm nourishing broth. I would like it to stay inside this time please. Ohh that’s why my ribs hurt. Sleep, sleep, fitful sleep. Sit up. Turn to side. The other side. Stomach? Nope nope nope nope definitely not stomach. Curled up in fetal. With trusty hot water bottle.

Through swimming eyes, 50 comments. Kind, thoughtful, funny. sweet. Warmer than a hot water bottle. I am suffused with gratitude.


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Comment by Val
2016-01-26 23:01:24

Whoa, feel better, Liv! I miss your regular column. however, I did smile with your reference to the ‘Tammy’s in Love’ song!

Comment by Audrey Burtrum-Stanley
2016-01-26 23:42:43

It’s rotten being sick. Don some warm fuzzy PJs…and add a pair of comfy sox. (Don’t grimace and think OLD GRANNIE WITH POOR CIRCULATION – these really help!) A box of Baby Powder fog’n-the-air as you are treated to a soft dusting will help mellow the sweat’n odor till you feel like a shower. No, you will not become flour-gooey like a dredged Country-fried steak!
Best of all, you need someone to coo, pat your hand and fetch Kleenex. There really are healing qualities to Chicken Soup and the human body cannot retain Vitamin C but 24hrs, so sip some OJ.
Your cast of faithful readers miss the daily additions in their worlds – and want your world back twirl’n just-a-tad-off-kilter and wonderful! GET WELL…

Comment by Petrea Burchard
2016-01-27 00:00:55

You are now officially my favorite blogger. Get well, at your pace.

Comment by Joe Bauman
2016-01-27 00:16:57

Been there, suffered that. You’ll get better, thank goodness.

Comment by Doug
2016-01-27 00:50:54

:no: you’re the first thing I read in the morning for the last five years. Don’t ever get sick again. You start my day. And you expand my brain. Get well. You are loved.

Comment by Penny Hernandez
2016-01-27 00:52:52

Wish I could bring you tea with honey and lemon and a steaming bowl of homemade chicken soup.

Comment by MotherChaos
2016-01-27 01:26:16

Awwww – hope you’re feeling much-much better, very-very soon. Take care, take it easy, we’ll still be here when all is right with your internal world again. :)

Comment by Findlay
2016-01-27 02:45:29

Blimey, you seem proper poorly. To be trite, get well soon. Nowt else to read in the morning without you!

Comment by Jeff
2016-01-27 02:57:16

Buck up my friend. You have the luxury of getting better.

Comment by Celia
2016-01-27 03:15:07

It feels great when its over.
Get well soon.

2016-01-27 03:19:47

waiting for you.

Comment by Maria
2016-01-27 04:38:21

Hang in there! Take all the time you need to get well. Stomach bugs are all kinds of yucky.

Comment by Ann Sharp
2016-01-27 05:09:19

Try cuddling down in toweling — bath towels, for instance. Deals with perspiration better than anything else one is likely to wear in bed.

Get well soon. The last time I had a bug like that, death was looking like a welcome friend.

Comment by Kal Dani
2016-01-27 05:57:10

Probably not the best time for it but I coincidentally left you an interesting comment on your old article about the cosmetics pavement here: http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/355

Get well soon! Kal Dani.

Comment by Sennacherib
2016-01-27 06:09:31

In the old days if you got sick and were too poor to hire a doctor you died. If you were rich you hired a doctor and he killed you.

Comment by Pamela Weeks
2016-01-27 06:38:53

:love: Sending sisterly love–like many others, wish I lived next door and could bring you nurture in person. Rest.

Comment by Heike Kubasch
2016-01-27 06:57:50

I hope you.feel better soon. Saltines, warm (not hot) unsweetenened tea (not herbal) and yogurt have helped me through similar episodes.

Comment by dearieme
2016-01-27 07:31:08

Bovril. Have you tried Bovril?

Comment by rita Roberts
2016-01-27 08:14:48

Here is a recipe I had from the children’s hospital when my young son had Gastro Interitous

A small amount of salt on the end of a teaspoon into a tumbler of warm water. Drink this,it will make you feel a little sick but that kills the germ. Then about one hour later whisk up the white of an egg until mix is stiff like when you make a merangue. Add a little sugar and eat the mixture. That puts the lining back onto your stomach. It has worked every time both for many of my friends and family. TRY IT ! and get well soon.

Comment by CinTam
2016-01-27 08:46:18

Hope you will start to feel better soon. Read your blog every day and always enjoy it. Take care of yourself!

Comment by marie Redner
2016-01-27 08:48:22

this is day three, by my calculations, so now it’s time to GET THEE TO THE DOCTOR! It could be a serious illness.
Drink plenty of fluids and take in sodium to replace all that is being flushed out.
Good luck love, take care of yourself.

Comment by Wendy Caton Reed
2016-01-27 09:07:29

So sorry.

Comment by Arie Koelewyn
2016-01-27 09:36:00

I had that earlier this winter. It sucks, but it gets better…eventually

Comment by Erik
2016-01-27 10:12:32

Hope you get well soon, not funny being sick. And for all of us who follow your excellent blog its a pain!

Comment by Mary
2016-01-27 10:26:04

keep your sense of humor, it will see you through. Rest. We will wait for you.

Comment by Susan Elgie
2016-01-27 10:34:29

So sorry you’re sick. That sucks! Chicken soup, bed, shower — repeat until better. Warm wishes.

Comment by george m.
2016-01-27 11:33:38

Ibuprofen and fluids, particularly those with vitamin C, are your friends. As said before, if this is day 3 and there has not been much improvement get yourself to a doctor. He or she may not say anything much different than what has been suggested here but it is good to eliminate the possibility of something more serious. Some of the serious possibilities are very serious indeed.

Get well soon and don’t blog too soon. Your health is much more important than anything here.

Comment by Mark S.
2016-01-27 12:13:43

I hope you feel better soon!

If at all possible, try to take a shower. It’ll make you feel better.

Comment by Schultz
2016-01-27 14:11:43

Get to a Doctor NOW!!!! It is one thing to have aches and pain in your muscles, but I think you may have a chest infection and it is better to side on caution than waiting it out. Go to a acute care clinic Now! Please.

Comment by Nancy
2016-01-27 14:26:42

Sounds like you may have pneumonia or a bit of pleurisy. Hope you’ll go to the doctor. Warm packs will help your chest to feel better.

Comment by AgedLikeaFineWhine
2016-01-27 14:31:48

Further Commiserations [in the style of a literary hack]

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
When you stop throwing up
the flu is almost through!

Comment by cliows
2016-01-27 14:48:34

I am seconding Patrea…you have now become the best blogger ever with this post, it is clear we will all still be here when you recover. You are missed.

Comment by Steve McCarty
2016-01-27 16:13:40

My friend, you have the flu. When you get the pain, kyou know you have the flu. Usually when one things one has the flu one has some kind of a stomach ailment. The pain can be severe is a symptom of the genuine article. You might have to suffer thru this for a few days, or even a week, can be more.

Did you get the flu shot? I have only had the genuine flu one time and that year I got the shot. I still get them tho. As you now understand, being expert on this illness, the flu can be a big deal. Good luck old buddy! Get some light reading and hunker down.

Comment by Mike
2016-01-27 17:22:00

Take care for a speedy recovery you are my morning read on the train to work and there is nothing I could enjoy more on that soulless trip

Comment by Classof65
2016-01-27 20:18:21

Hope you feel a lot better soon!

Comment by Annie Delyth
2016-01-27 21:17:52

Well, gosh, Liv, that sucks. No advise from me: you know what you need. I think I had that earlier this season; somehow I seem to have transmitted it somehow to a friend in Gloustershire via the internet. Leastwise, he got sick a few days after I did. Long distance commiseration. Things work differently these days. I’m looking forward to having you back creating your delighteous blog. No more than you are, I’m sure.

Comment by Olga Stewart
2016-01-27 21:48:49

I have just recently come across your blog.

I very much enjoy what I both read and see on here. And I look forward to seeing what else you will be posting about.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself. And if things get worse (Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they won’t), please go and see a doctor.

I am thinking of you. And I hope that you are soon feeling better. :).

Comment by Vera Narishkin
2016-01-28 06:09:09

Sending you spiritual chicken broth. :)

Comment by bort
2016-01-28 11:34:25



Please continue getting more better and less sicker.

:boogie: :chicken:

Comment by Renee Yancy
2016-01-29 19:57:11

Glad you’re feeling better. You were missed. So was it the haggis?

Comment by Steve MC
2016-02-01 02:23:08

Just catching up on blogs and saw this. Sorry you were sick, but very glad you’re better now! If nothing else, we got a great look at your personality, which valiantly shone through all the yuck in this post.

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