This is not an April Fool’s post

Seriously. I don’t really do April Fool’s because I can never come up with anything clever. Last year my not even remotely fooling post was dismissed as a joke by one commenter because of the date, but the story was actually released a few days earlier and I just hadn’t gotten to it yet. So yeah, this year I’m holding the place so all y’all know there is no April Fool’s post.

6 thoughts on “This is not an April Fool’s post

  1. It was good to go back and re-read the remarkable story of the medieval recipe for an antibiotic salve. Now I have to go do some poking about to see where that is at these days. And may it lead to more exploration into old ways, and more respect for the people of past times who were more aware than we give them credit for. (BTW, I forgot today is April 1. It was oddly rainy and warm today, and the calendar seems to have slipped a few cogs.)

  2. Ummm, I don’t speak French but I’m pretty sure that says “there is no April fish”. And it’s a picture of a pipe. So what gives???

    1. Close. It says “This is not an April fish.” “April Fools” in French is “poisson d’avril.” It’s “pesce d’aprile” in Italian. Why? There are a number of theories surrounding this nomenclature. The one I recall from my misspent youth is that fishermen would often come back from a day on the seas empty handed in the early days of April because the fish weren’t running yet and the townspeople would mock them and laugh at them and generally be weirdly dickish about it.

      I should have changed the pipe to a fish, I know, but I stuck with the original because the image is so recognizable.

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