Top Ten Archaeology Finds of 2009

It’s the year’s end and I’m going to keep it short and sweet. For your at-a-glance entertainment, here are two lists of the top 10 finds of the year:

  • Archaeology Magazine’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2009
  • National Geographic’s Most Viewed of 2009
  • There’s surprisingly little overlap, most likely due to their different readerships. The Stafforshire Hoard probably wins the year.

    Thanks to you all for following this humble blog among many. :thanks: May the new year and new decade bring you nothing but good things. :boogie:

    8 thoughts on “Top Ten Archaeology Finds of 2009

    1. Best wishes to you, Livius, for the new year and new decade. Reading your blog is one of my favorite ways of blowing off work–thanks for all the little historical treasures…

    2. :boogie:

      Best wishes all around Livius. :notworthy:

      Just don’t go disappearing for months on end this year! I don’t know if I can bear the withdrawals again!

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