Apologies and a shout out to Turkey

I apologize for what seemed like an endless day of History Bloglessness. A Turkish hacker took down the host server and it took all day to get the site restored.

8000 year old sealIn honor of the pirate who took us down, here’s a story about an 8,000-year-old seal found in the province of Izmir, in western Turkey. Archaeologists discovered the seal while excavating the Yesilova Tumulus, one of the oldest settlements in that part of the country.

“The seal is dated back to 6,200 B.C. It is evident that the seal belonged to an administrator. This bull-shaped seal is one of the oldest seals ever unearthed in Anatolia. We’ve unearthed many important findings during the excavations at this site since 2005. Some 700 pieces have been sent to museums for display. We give 150 pieces every year. This region is very important in terms of both tourism and science,” [Associate Professor Zafer Derin] said.


13 thoughts on “Apologies and a shout out to Turkey

  1. Liv I promise it wasn’t me! It took me a week just to figure out how align the columns on my blog template in html – no h4XX skillz here 🙂

    Perhaps it may have been a bot that attacks domain names with standard words in their title.

    Glad to see you up and running again 🙂


    1. Of course it wasn’t you! You’re clearly spotless as the newly driven snow. I’d tell you the alias that was on his “lol hacked” page, but I think he’s gotten more than enough promotion on this site already.

      Not a bot, though, and we weren’t targeted directly. THB is on a shared server so all the sites went down together.

  2. May the Great Pibble bless our livius. Who else would respond so kindly to what was no doubt a malicious, anit-historical attack? NOBODY THAT’S WHO.

    Okay, maybe Ghandi.

  3. And who says historians are boring people! Thanks for the video ~ and the interesting mental image of you in a loincloth. The seal is fascinating ~ this is worth sharing ~ I think I will check out with Mr. Chicken :chicken:

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