1000-year-old wood Viking shield found in Denmark

Archaeologists excavating some Viking castles west of Copenhagen have uncovered a rare wooden Viking shield dating from over a thousand years ago.

Archaeologist Kirsten Christensen said the wooden shield has a diameter of 32 inches. […]

Christensen said Thursday it is the first time such a shield has been found in Denmark. She said the moist soil in the area is “ideal to preserve wood.”

The fir shield is believed to date from the late 10th century.

In the pictures it’s not fully excavated yet, but you can definitely see the classic shield shape. It looks like it came right off the pages of an Asterix and the Normans.

5 thoughts on “1000-year-old wood Viking shield found in Denmark

  1. Gah, I was just at Trelleborg and I saw they were planning on digging next to the river – I must have just missed the archaeologists! Bugger all.

    Anyway, here’s a link to the “castle” although “ring fort” is probably a better term. Castle makes me think turrets.

    1. I think turrets too, although given the age and location, I figured something more along the lines of a proto-Motte and Bailey.

      I can’t believe you were just there! It would have been so cool to see them at work.

      1. I always feel bad watching archaeologists work. As an archaeologist myself, I know that having people stand at the top of your trench is amazingly nerve-racking. I always want to put up signs saying “Please feed the archaeologists” and “DON’T STEP ON THE BAULK!” I don’t mind answering questions about what I’m doing, but it’s the silent watchers that give me the willies.

        1. That is absolutely fascinating. I would have thought you’d prefer people not trouble you with questions while you’re working.

          You should write a guest entry! “Dos and Don’ts for Dig Groupies” :yes: :yes: :yes:

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