More tales of treasure

This time it’s an Anglo-Saxon pattern-welded sword rescued from the trash.

The seventh century “pattern-welded” Bamburgh Sword, which was forged for a king, narrowly avoided being dumped in a skip by workers who were clearing the house of the archeologist and broadcaster Brian Hope-Taylor after his death. It was rescued by some former students who had gone to the house after hearing that his books were being sold off.

Now granted, it’s not quite so coincidental a score — what with the late homeowner having been an archaeologist and all — but it’s still way fancy.

Below and above

If you happen to find yourself in London looking for an off-the-beaten-path tour, check out Southwark’s Below and Above tours.

Museum of London archaeologist Julian Bowsher walks around the streets of Bankside in the company of Ken Greig of Greig Stephenson Architects. The archaeologist describes what was found below and the architect describes the architecture above – a dialogue between past and present.

It sounds like a neat way to see the city.