Digital Froissart

Froissart (in the green) with his patron Gui de Ch√Ętillon, count of Blois.The Royal Armoury at Leeds has an exhibit about the Hundred Years’ War prominently featuring The Chronicles of Agincourt surviror, John Froissart.

Not only is there a rare and beautifully illuminated original manuscript of Froissart’s Chronicles on exhibit, but they have cutting-edge high-resolution photographs of six of the surviving manuscripts. This is a big deal because it allows people everywhere to view the details of works that are extremely fragile and therefore kept in careful seclusion accessible to few experts.

There are a lot of other great features too, like a calligraphy expert doing demonstrations of medieval manuscripting, weapons that match ones Froissart describes, even a Capture the Castle videogame created from one of Froissart’s stories.

Entry is free, you lucky English bastards, so head to Leeds toot sweet.